UPC’s Administrative Secretary Kemba Suspended over Leaked Party Documents

Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Administrative Secretary Higenyi Kemba has been relieved of his duties over failure to safely guard party documents from being accessed by ‘enemies’.

On April 6th, more about we have learnt, drug a one Annet Sserwada — a tea girl — was found by another party staff member Richard Angweri sneaking party documents out the headquarters. He confronted and nearly beat her up.

On learning of the scuffle, advice Kemba intervened to save the situation but was assaulted verbally by the tea girl. This prompted the party chief of staff Tom Omino to intervene and managed to restore calm.

When the party Assistant Secretary General Fred Ebil was briefed on the development, he called an urgent meeting which failed to sit until Tuesday when he reconvened the same only to end prematurely, as members traded insults all through.

In exercise of his powers, Ebil told Chimpreports, he decided to suspend Mr Kemba to send out a message of sanity at the part office.

“In a bid to organize and professionalize the party’s secretariat, I have suspended a number of staff members who include; Anet Sserwada, Tom Omino, Richard Angweri, Andrew Omara the Head of Communication department and Higenyi Kemba,” Ebil noted.

He also revealed that Kemba was replaced with the Party Cabinet Secretary, David Bariraine due to his experience and maturity.

“I as well replaced Andrew Omara with Sharon Oyat who is pursuing a Masters Degree in Mass Communication after Omara confessed to me that he had no qualifications in any media related field,” Ebil noted.


Ebil confirmed that there was several party documents being sneaked out and that investigations are still ongoing, and that soon he will be briefing the party president.

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