UPC Wars: I Have Never Received Funds from Obote Foundation – Akena

The opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party President Hon Jimmy Akena has said ever since he took the leadership of UPC about 5 years ago, his party has never received any funds from the Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) which is the economic arm of the party.

MOF was established in 1963 to support the political activities of UPC.

“Ever since I was elected UPC President about 5 years ago, we have received zero funding and in fact there are members who went on to block even the little money which we had on the account. But despite those efforts, we have continued to operate, we are still filling candidates, we are still going to participate in politics,” he said.

“If they thought that by denying us funds we are not going to participate in politics, they are sorry. We have operated for almost 5 years without a shilling, we will continue to operate with or without”

Disagreements about the foundation are said to have started Akena started cozying up with the ruling NRM party.

His wife Betty Amongi is currently serving in the NRM cabinet.

Akena also accused some people he didn’t mention of terminating his membership in MOF.

“I wish to inform party members that in 2017, some people in the economic arm of the party, the Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) jealously worked hard and terminated my membership in the Foundation. As a law abiding citizen, I opted for Court process. My membership was indeed re – instated by the Court. They have now appealed that decision of the High Court.”


Akena also said that the party has continued with other Court cases that include the closure of UPC party account at Orient Bank which is in it’s final stage and await ruling which according to Akena has delayed.

Other pending cases include Uganda People’s Congress Vs Milton Obote Foundation, Milton Obote Foundation and Uganda House Investments Vs Jimmy Akena and 14 others and Joseph Bbosa Vs UPC and UPC Electoral Commission.

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