UPC Undecided on Whom to Support for President

As the 2021 Presidential elections draw closer, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has today disclosed that they are yet to be courted by other political parties for purposes of coalescing.

During an interaction with the press on September 3 this year, Party President Jimmy Akena stated in black and white that it would be fool handy for him to vie for Uganda’s top most office given the resources at his disposal.

“Knowing the situation with what’s going on within the UPC and also having a clear idea of what is happening within the politics of Uganda, I think that at this stage it would be like drawing a castle in the sky,” Akena said.

Instead, he promised to focus his energies on ensuring that UPC scoops more Parliamentary and Local Government seats at the forthcoming polls.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, the Party’s head of communication Muzeyi Faizo pointed out that it is categorically wrong for anyone to pinpoint out Presidential candidates that the Party will back when it has not been approached formally neither informally.

“UPC is an independent political party and we are saying we are not going to present any presidential candidate. And there is no political party that has approached us or there is no presidential candidate that has approached UPC that he wants our support,” Muzeyi intimated.

However, he explained, if such a thing was to happen, UPC’s top hierarchy would have the final say.

“As UPC we don’t just decide on an individual level, we convene the party organs that have the mandate over such decisions whether to make an alliance with any political party,” he argued.


Apparently, Muzeyi says that as UPC they are more interested in reconciling Party members who lost in the recent primaries as a way of consolidating their support base.

“Uganda People’s Congress held a post primaries Conference of all members who participated in the Party primaries, Party leaders and Party flag bearers in the entire Lango sub-region where Party harmonization processes were done, at Garden Inn Hotel Lira on Tuesday October 27, 2020,” he revealed.

“The Conference was successfully moderated by the retired Bishop of West Lango Diocese Rt. Rev. Bishop Alfred Acur and Veteran UPC Chairman Lira District Mzee Julius Peter Obonyo,” Muzeyi further elaborated.

Whereas Party officials managed to convince those who lost, such as B’John Ogweng who lost the Maruzi County primaries to Maxwell Akora Ebong, others like Lira City West aspirant Vincent Obong Shedride have differed.

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