UPC Summons Peter Walubiri, Bossa, Otto

The Uganda People’s Congress party leadership has summoned four former party leaders over various disciplinary cases.

This website has seen copies of the letters sent to former Secretary General, Peter Walubiri; former Vice President, Joseph Bossa and former Members of Parliament Otto Isha Amiza of Oyam Souh and Jocinto Ogwal of Otuke county.

UPC Secretary General, Fred Ebil who signed all the letters, accused Walubiri and Bossa of insubordination, disobedience and others.

“I am writing to inform you that you are invited to attend a disciplinary hearing at the Uganda Peoples Congress Secretariat on the 15th day of March, 2019 at 12:00,” said part of the letter.

According to Ebil, Walubiri and Bossa instituted “clandestine” civil suit against the party.

“The hearing is to consider and discuss disciplinary allegations of misconduct including disobeying decisions of UPC organs, clandestinely instituting civil suits against and for the party without authorization by the Cabinet,” added the letter

The duo is also accused of running propaganda against UPC candidates in the last general elections which goes against Article 5,2(10) of the party constitution.

Meanwhile Jocinto Ogwal is accused of standing as an independent candidate against the UPC flag bearer during the 2016 general elections.


“The hearing is to consider and discuss disciplinary allegations including contesting as an independent candidate against a duly nominated Uganda Peoples Congress candidate in Otuke in the 2016 general elections contrary to article 3.6 (1) and (2) of the UPC constitution 2008 as amended.”

Isha Otto is accused of holding on his title even after Jimmy Akena took over as President with his team.

The four are part of the former Olara Otunu administration who have since refused to recognize the leadership of Akena and his group.

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