UPC Rallies TDA To Boycott 2016 Elections

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has urged The Democratic Alliance (TDA) to boycott the 2016 presidential polls as a way of what the party President Olara Otunnu described as “deligitimisation of the sham elections.”

UPC said in a press statement this week that under the campaign for Free and Fair Elections, dosage dosage http://crossfit908.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/admin/edit-contact-form.php “we have put forward specific proposals for a new system for organising and managing future elections in our country – a system that is designed to deliver free and fair elections.”

The political party whose leader Milton Obote twice ruled Uganda, help dosage http://crownheights.info/wp-includes/class-wp-metadata-lazyloader.php further said, this “The Museveni/NRM regime has torpedoed these proposals, without the proposed new system being in place, it manifestly obvious that the 2016 elections like previous lections organised by NRM regime will be a complete sham.”

UPC said this time the people of Uganda led by TDA must take a firm stand and bring this issue to a head.

“We must resolve not to escort Mr Museveni once again in this grand fraud and deception,” the statement, which ChimpReports has seen, reads in part.

“UPC therefore calls on TDA to adopt a common policy of non-cooperation, non-participation and delegitimisation concerning 2016 elections in order to delegitimize the sham elections and to resolutely press forward until our demands have been met.”

UPC’s views come at a time when FDC 2016 presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye is drumming up support from political parties to fight for electoral reforms before the polls.

Parliament recently adopted constitutional amendments including electoral reforms but ignored many proposed by the opposition including disbanding the current Electoral Commission.


Besigye argues that the date for elections can be postponed to allow for the adoption of electoral reforms.

UPC said this is not the first time the opposition finds itself at this crossroads.

“We have been here before. In this connection we call on TDA to draw and apply critical lessons from the tragic missteps of 2010.”

The party said opposition under the interparty cooperation had adopted a “clear position and made firm demands concerning the 2011 elections only to make the most unfortunate last-minute u-turn.”

The opposition had agreed to boycott the polls only to change its position a few months to the exercise.

UPC said this episode has been “particularly damaging to the opposition and very costly to the people of Uganda.”

It further observed that it’s mainly pre-occupied with sustaining the “struggle for regime change and national liberation” and unity of opposition and democracy-seeking patriotic forces.

Nevertheless, UPC said once a collective decision has been formulated and adopted, it behoves all TDA members to abide by that agreed common position.

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