UPC On Why Police Is Not Brutalising Its Candidates

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has hailed its candidates for exhibiting what they called maximum discipline which has resulted in the party registering minimum police brutality, during their campaigns.

Since the commencement of the presidential, parliamentary and all political positions campaigns on November 9, different opposition political parties have complained buy brutal security organs which moved in to prevent them from campaigning freely.

Among these are; FDC, NUP, DP and some independent candidates.

Police on the other hand says these candidates are breaking the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and defying the harmonized campaign method that was issued by the Electoral Commission.

However, UPC says its candidates have been largely disciple and faced no trouble with the security.

“We told our candidates that they have entered an election which is scientific and should follow each and every guidance from the Electoral Commission and that is only the way UPC will help them and as I report we have succeeded in that because they understood it and complied,” Faizo Muzeyi, the party Head of Media and Communication told journalists at the party headquarters on Wednesday.

Muzeyi noted that as the party, they would also have wished to allow candidates to hold rallies, but that protection of their health.

“Besides that, we are also peaceful and have for all our existence preached peace, we don’t want to have confrontation with security or EC,” he added.


Micheal Orach Osinde, the National Worker’s Leaders said that UPC however, condemned brutality of any kind and called for the promotion of dialogue as the only remedy.

“We have been the top master minders of dialogue because it is the only remedy for brutality. This isn’t time for playing blame game but we are sure if dialogue is supported, the country will end up in a very peaceful election and post-election era,” he said.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic over 23000 cases have been recorded with 207 deaths amidst the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place by the Ministry Health.

After countries like Britain discovering the vaccine, UPC advised Uganda to go and benchmark, so that their scientists too come up with their own.

“Uganda needs to work closely with countries that have already come up with the covid-19 vaccines for benchmarking purposes. For example, through our historical and political ties with Britain, Uganda should be on the fore front of seeking this specialized medical assistance,” Muzeyi said.

“WE are in a very dangerous phase of community attacks, which may not be easy to deal with, so as the world is registering a progress in the in covid-19 vaccines, people should continue following the SOPs and the government too should consider adding more preventative items like rolling out to distribute new face masks,” he added.

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