UPC: Newly Elected Akena Vows to Tackle Dissent with Hard-nosed Approach

The incoming President of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) James Akena has vowed to use a hard-nosed approach on dissenters who intend to drag the party down the drain.

“Don’t go through back doors, don’t go through tricks, it’s the people who determine who leads them. If you condemn me for it, I will stand condemned but I will have defended the free will of the Members of UPC. I can’t compromise,” roared Akena.

He made these remarks while speaking at the National Delegates Conference which was held at Kasangati Resort Hotel on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

Speaking today, Akena said that he had grown weary of some self-serving individuals who time and again have taken radical steps to paralyze the party’s operations just for the sake of power.

“It is unfortunate that there are members of this same party who have tried to undermine the democratic process. On that I stand firm, the will of the members of UPC will be protected by everything I can do, all the means available to me,” he vowed.

“I will never allow the will of UPC members to be undermined by whoever you think you are,” Akena added.

Notably, he cited an incident on February 9, 2016, where the Party was dragged to court by a group of malcontents which resulted in the freezing of UPCs accounts.

However, in his new term of office, he vowed not to let such incidents surface again saying his patience has been stretched to the limit.


It should be noted that yesterday July 30, 2020, there was an attempt by a group of disgruntled party members to purportedly stop the delegate’s conference from proceeding.

This was, however, ignored by Police which went ahead to clear the event as long as Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were adhered to.

New Appointments

In the same vein, UPC president has appointed Micheal Orach Osinde as the Worker’s leader while Dan Bakkabulindi has been transferred to the Office of the Secretary-General.

On the other hand, Sharon Oyat has been appointed the Spokesperson of the party replacing Osinde while Miria Muhwezi has been appointed the Women’s leader.

The event was attended by Frank Rusa, the Country Representative of the Netherlands Multi-Party Institute for Democracy (NIMD) and Siraji Balinda of the Justice Movement (JEEMA).

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