UPC Doubles Down on NUP Surrendering Red Color

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has today backed the Electoral Commission’s (EC) move to bar Political organizations from using its dominant red color.

The EC has lately been embroiled in a row with Robert Kyagulanyi’s National Unity Platform (NUP) over the use of color Red, which supposedly belongs to UPC.

This has in turn created bad blood between the two opposition parties that ostensibly are struggling to end President Yoweri Museveni’s 35-year rule.

However, while addressing the Press on Wednesday; UPCs Sharon Oyat said that much as they don’t have a hand in this saga, the Electoral Commission is legally right to reprimand NUP.

“The Political Parties and Organizations Act is very clear and our position is that we have been using red since 1960 and we used that same red to give Ugandans independence. So that is the identity of the UPC,” Oyat said.

She added that their argument is premised on Section 8 of the Political Parties and Organization’s Act of 2005 which prohibits political parties from submitting paraphernalia that belongsto other political entities.

It states (A & B); “A political party or organization shall not submit to the Electoral Commission for the purpose of registration under section 7, any identifying symbol, slogan, color or name, which is the same as or similar to the symbol, slogan, color or name or initials of- any registered political party or organization.”

Oyat however, declined to reveal as to whether UPC was prepared to go to court in the event that NUP continues to act adamantly saying it is up to EC to resolve this issue.


“It is upon the Commission because they already have the mandate and the color red has already been gazzetted for the Uganda People’s Congress,” she responded.

Commenting on this topic, the outgoing spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach retorted that unless the color clash is resolved, it might mislead voters into voting for the wrong party.

“If you put on red and NUP puts on red, the people following us will not know which red is for UPC and which red is for NUP. Therefore, our intention is to avoid confusing the electorate,” Osinde disclosed.

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