UNTOLD TRUTH: Inside Brian Isiko’s Love Messages to MP Rwabwogo

Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church has castigated the Ugandan justice system for ‘wrongfully’ convicting Brian Isiko. The 25-year-old YMCA student shot to the limelight in July after he ‘confessed his undying love’ for Kabarole Woman Member of Parliament Sylvia Rwabwogo via text messages and phone calls.

However, the sexy legislator felt offended by these advances and dragged Isiko to the courts of law for sexual harassment.
Rwabwogo testified to this and the trial Magistrate, Ms. Gladys Kamasanyu of Buganda Road Court, convicted Isiko and sentenced him to two years in jail for cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Loverboy Brian Isiko

ChimpLyf understands it is upon this that the vocal Ssempa is advocating for Isiko’s release.
Without mincing his words, the man of God has described the incarceration of Isiko as a “shameful miscarriage of justice” and use of woman power and privilege to “inflict violence on a young student”.
Feminists have since praised the incarceration of Isiko. But liberal lawmakers, lawyers and Pastors are now pushing back to have Isiko freed – saying he was only expressing his love for Rwabwogo.

Text messages where Isiko declares love for Rwabowgo

Ssempa has equated Isiko’s text messages to love songs from Don Williams or J. Iglesias. “Now that I have all the records on Brian Isiko, we can confirm that his incarceration is a shameful miscarriage of justice,” said Ssempa, adding, “It’s the use of a woman power and privilege to inflict violence in a young student.”
He added: “The messages are love songs from Don Williams or J Iglesias”.

In his text messages, Isiko refers to Rwabwogo as ‘baby’, wishes her ‘sweet dreams’ and confesses his lover for her.
“If loving you is a crime, please punish me but I love you,” reads part of the message he sent her on Monday June 11th 2018 at 1:31pm.
Isiko sent another reading, “I am ready to serve my punishment but as longer (sp) as your (sp) happy, my heart will be happy” two minutes later.
“I loved you, I love you and will always love you,” another of Isiko’s text messages to the Woman MP on that same day reads.
Ssempa has also demanded that all those who criticized Isiko apologize to the general public as it was all fabricated to portray the latter as a threat to Rwabwogo.

More of Isiko’s messages to Rwabwogo

“Those who accused Brian Isiko of sending obscene videos of masturbation like @IamEnygma should apologize to us all. That was spin intended to demonize the young man. It was all made up. It’s sad how people make stuff up to demonize someone”.
Ssempa concluded by urging feminists like Sylvia Tamale who ‘angry at men’ to first read the messages Isiko sent to the 42-year-old Rwabwogo to get more knowledge regarding this particular case.

He castigated women such as the Woman MP who advertised herself in search of men (lovers) only to cause the jailing of her admirer.
This was in reference to Rwabwogo’s interview in the New Vision of 13th May 2017, with the headline, ‘I Need a Man Who Makes Things Move Forward’.
In the same interview, Rwabwogo, on top of revealing how she had been single for a long time, talked about the qualities her ideal suitor must have; strength, character, sense of responsibility and good looks.

The interview in which Rwabwogo said she was looking for a man

In his world of understanding, Isiko must have believed that he is that ‘ideal’ marriage partner that Rwabwogo was looking for and did the ‘responsible’ thing to get in touch with her assuring her how the two were meant to be.
“No mountain is too high and no ocean is too wide. While together or not, my love for you is worth fight for. You know I believe that we were meant to be. I miss you,” Isiko assures Rwabwogo.


The student even blamed God calling Him ‘mean’ after his object of affection didn’t reciprocate the love. “God is very mean. He plays a very strange game with us humans, he makes one person love a second person, he makes the second person love a third person and makes the person love someone else”, Isiko wrote to the legislator.
This was sent after one in which he believes love is cancerous, “Love is like cancer, it comes without an invitation and it kills us and leaves”.

Pastor Martin Ssempa

Ssempa urged the public to internalize the messages.
“Finally all you Sylvia Tamale Feminists who are angry at men for all sorts of Reasons you need to read these messages and educate yourself on the case. We can’t keep jailing young men who send love messages to women who advertise needing a man. Free Brian Isiko,” charged Ssempa.

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