Unregistered Simcards to Be Blocked by End of November

The National Resistance Movement party top officials have apologized for some of the unpleasant incidences registered during the recent primary elections for Members of Parliament and LC5 Chairpersons.

The Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba and the Electoral Commission, view Tanga Odoi on Friday jointly expressed their regretful acknowledgment at Mandela National Stadium, order Nambole, story during the Delegates Conference for NRM league leaders from all around the country.

Lumumba who spoke first said the mess was not intended and the victims should forgive the party leadership and embark on positive activities to consolidate the achievements of NRM.

At first, the exercise that was supposed to be held on Monday was surprisingly cancelled at midnight and extended to the next day without an explanation to the over 2000 candidates and millions of voters.

Again on Tuesday, some polling stations and even districts like Moroto, Soroti and others failed to get their ballot boxes since they were either forgotten in Kampala or taken to other districts.

The registers and yellow books did not help matters either as voters in some areas found their names missing or even marked dead when they are still alive. Meanwhile areas like in Lamwo district the names on the ballots were not enough for contestants and people were forced to use exercise books.

In the Busia district polls for the Woman Member of Parliament, one of the contenders name didn’t appear and instead another one who wasn’t nominated was on the ballot paper. Samia Bugwe North experienced the same while in Rwampara only 7 ticking boxes appeared on the ballot with 8 candidates.

Lumumba said today that the anomalies were unfortunate and should not mean the end of the party.


“Let me first congratulate all the winners of the just finished elections and thank you for winning. Let me also congratulate those who participated and the exercise meaningful.”

“We realized there were some mistakes in the process and we sincerely apologize for them. Please forgive us and let’s sort them out for the better of our party. We need to consolidate the good things we have done as a party and all of us should participate,” Lumumba said.

When she gave the microphone to EC chairman Tanga Odoi, he echoed the same and added that petitions and complaints are going to be fully handled.

“My Secretary General has said it but I still appeal to everybody who was inconvenienced or disappointed by the elections we had on Tuesday and unfortunately on Wednesday due to some glitches to forgive us,” he said.

Three years after the Ugandan government ordered for the nationwide registration of simcards, discount  the Uganda Communications Commission has given all telecom companies until November 30, treatment 2015 to block all unregistered SIM cards.

The regulatory body has said the telecom companies that will fail to obey this directive, price will face a fine.

Godfrey Mutabazi, the Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission said they had directed the telecom companies many times to block unregistered simcards to no avail.

He warned that continued violation of the directives can lead to withdrawal of operating licenses.

The registration of SIM cards countrywide commenced in March 2012, under the directive of the Uganda Communications Commission.

The registration followed the enactment of the Interception of Communication.

According to UCC, all new and existing mobile phone numbers should be registered to be activated on a mobile network in Uganda.

The move is aimed at preventing the harassment many Ugandans go through at the hands of people using mobile phones to carry out crime.

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