UNRA: We Need More Money

As the clock ticks closer to the much-anticipated NRM National Delegates Conference, sale help Mr Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 campaign team has said it expects to make 95 percent of delegates switch from President Museveni to the former Prime Minister’s camp.

Mr Mbabazi hopes to defeat President Museveni in the contest for NRM chairman and NRM flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

While Mr Museveni’s supporters including Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze maintain that Mr Mbabazi has nothing new to offer, medications cheap the former NRM Secretary General’s strategists the incumbent can be defeated.

“It is true the presidential hopeful (Mbabazi) is already physically in touch with 80 percent of his party members (NDC) who are pivotal for the Namboole event scheduled for November, ” said Mbabazi campaign Communications Director, Josephine Mayanja Nkangi.

In an interview with ChimpReports on Wednesday, Ms Nkangi said they are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring victory for Mbabazi.

“In fact we wanted and also still want 95 percent of them,” Ms Nkangi said.

She further stated that the “Go Forward” slogan that the former premier is currently using is not just words but a political theme aimed at uniting and bringing all Ugandans on board.

“Our slogan explicitly says it all – Go Forward. He (Mbabazi) is going not only going to be the president of his party members but for all Ugandans irrespective of their political parties and we are going to be with everyone,” Ms Nkangi added.


Mbabazi recently requested the NRM Electoral Commission to avail him with guidelines for the nomination process.

This was after questioning the logic of charging Shs 20m for contesting for the position of NRM flag-bearer and part chairman.

Nkangi did not elaborate how they were communicating with NRM leaders ahead of the Delegates Conference considering that Mbabazi’s consultation meetings were recently blocked by police.

Highly placed sources say Mbabazi is expected to stand on an independent ticket in the forthcoming elections, a reason he has symbols that differ from his party’s.

Tumwebaze told ChimpReports recently that Mbabazi is not new from heaven and that “he has been here for all the years being part and parcel of the government architecture until he was sacked.”

The Minister added: “We are yet to see the new miracles and ideas that he is bringing on board  which he  never dispensed when he was part of government moreover not as a small actor.”

Mbabazi served in key positions such as Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and NRM Secretary General.
Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) officials have called for increased funding by government to the roads Authority in order to effectively satisfy the current demand for strong road infrastructure, erectile Chimp Corps report.

They argue that UNRA is faced with many operations awaiting implementation but the resources allocated to it remain meager.

Eng. James Okiror, doctor Director of Projects, page and Eng. Lawrence Pario, the Acting Director of Planning at UNRA, were Wednesday appearing before the Commission of Inquiry sitting at Imperial Royale Hotel.

“UNRA should not work like a civil service area but rather in a business-like manner. It should fully manage its system like recruitment and remuneration and the budget should also be increased due to our multi operations,” said Eng. Okiror.

The Director of Projects also agreed that procurement continues to be a challenge in the project cycle.

He went ahead to cite other challenges including: inadequate staff amidst swelling projects, accumulation of arrears and land acquisition which slows down works.

On his part, Eng. Pario noted that the demand for paved roads is ‘enormous’ compared to the funding which limits UNRA projects.

“Ugandans who use the 17,000 kms of un-paved roads also want to use paved ones. UNRA has over 20 projects awaiting implementation but the resource flow can’t meet this demand,” he submitted.

Eng. Pario seemed to agree with the Commission that there’s under performance of contractors, supervisors as well as procurement setbacks.

Asked for a comment on political interference in UNRA’s operations, both Directors said political leaders are actors in the process and whose guidance must be listened to.

Land acquisition stood out in both witness’ submissions as being a major hindrance of swift implementation of projects and also subjects UNRA to extra costs from work extensions.

The Commission is inquiring into allegations of mismanagement, abuse of office and corrupt practices in UNRA.

The five-member Judicial Commission, chaired by High Court’s, Hon. Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, is tasked with probing the procurement and contract management processes by which UNRA awarded contracts for national road works among other discrepancies.

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