UNRA Unveils Simulation Center

The State Minister for Works, Edward Katumba Wamala has asked citizens to utilize the ‘good roads’ that Uganda has maximally adding that the roads will enhance development in different regions.

The Minister was delivering his speech on Friday in Luwero during the launch and handing over of the Simulator and Plant Training Center activities under the Crossroads Program supported by the UK.

He commended the Department for International Development (DFID) and handed over the training centre to UNRA.

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The minister also highlighted the importance of simulators at the training school, citing that they help in reducing costs and accidents.

“We would like to thank DFID for helping Uganda get value for money. We are investing so much in the sector and if we don’t have qualified personnel, the investment would be going to waste,” added Katumba.

Adrian Green, speaking on behalf of DFID, briefly noted: “We are handing over this equipment to UNRA on the understanding that the training centre continues to benefit the transport sector including the public sector. It is my sincere hope that UNRA will encourage trainers from the public and private sector to participate and ensure sustainability.”

During the event, over 20 trainees including mechanics from KCCA, UNRA, UNABEC and MoWT received their certificates.

UNRA’s Director for Road Maintenance Joseph Otim who represented the Executive Director (Ms Allen Kagina), noted that Luwero will grow into a center of excellence in transport sector among other benefits.

“As UNRA, we shall do all we can within our budgetary confines to train, oversee the operations of the centre and modernize the center within reason by building onto what DFID has provided.”

“We shall be objective in the selection of trainees to ensure that all members of the sector are considered and are not disadvantaged in any way.”

Luweero Woman Member of Parliament, Ms Lillian Nakate speaking on behalf of the area leaders, commented that they will make sure that the project becomes a success in a bid to benefit the citizens.




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