Universities Urged to Embrace PIBID for Research

The Director for Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID), shop pills Rev. Prof. Florence Isabirye Muranga has called upon public and private universities in the country to come out and exploit opportunities available at PIBID site in Nyaruzinga, cure Bushenyi district.

Muranga said that activities taking place at the Banana factory   make a big basket for research and development studies when it comes to their application in higher institutions of learning.

She said this on Thursday while addressing University guild officials from Bishop Balham University, and kabale who had come for a study tour at the factory.

“Being a knowledge based institution manned by university professors, PIBID is becoming a reality through10 years of its metamorphosis. These professors are still resourceful for institutions that come at PIBID for research.” Said Muranga

Muranga added that the Banana factory which is nearing completion needs a smart public private partnership of the government, universities, research and development institutions and international centers of excellence because it cannot work as a single entity and its failure would be a loss and embarrassment to Uganda.

She further said that a successful project will provide useful insights and some answers to the lingering questions about the multibillion shilling investment that have always been heard by the public.

“Once all the partners have come together, we shall work together and see PIBID take its place on the world stage as a pioneering industry in the banana sector.” Said Muranga

She noted that PIBID is being transformed to the Banana Industrial Research and Development Center which is going to tackle the unemployment challenge because apart from the Tooke flour production, there are other sectors in the industry like bakery and a confectionery unit which will also offer training and incubation opportunities.


She encouraged food science graduates to make use of the factory since they are being targeted in the hope that partnerships can be formed with them to establish small scale youth run food enterprises.

Muranga also urged all Ugandan universities and institutions to embrace this ‘national heritage’ that will benefit Uganda as a country in countless and unlimited ways saying that there is going to be job creation for both skilled and unskilled labor through ever expanding clusters under the banana value chain.

The banana factory will be producing Tooke Products which are based on original formulations through which the highland cooking bananas growing off rich volcanic soils are turned into shelf-stable flours according to Muranga.

“If some countries can feed the world with wheat, why can’t Uganda feed the world with Banana?” said Muranga.


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