Unemployed Youth Plan ‘Kampala March’

The South Sudan rebel movement has vowed to release the pictures and identification cards of the Ugandan soldiers which they claimed to have killed in a fierce battle on Friday in Upper Nile capital of Malakal.

In a statement issued by the rebels on Saturday, tadalafil http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130722/quickbooks.php the rebels said a female UPDF tank driver and male colleague were put out of action in the same battle that they claimed to have killed 400 to 500 government SPLA forces.

“To be included in the next press statement are pictures of some of the latest versions of AKM-47 assault rifles captured in the battles, viagra sale http://cinsellikteperformans.com/media/widgetkit/widgets/gallery/gallery.php an ID of Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) 1 female and 1 male Tank Drivers killed in action,” Brig Lul Koang.

“Once released, they would provide undeniable proofs that Uganda had heavily deployed forces in all the ten states of the Republic of South Sudan and that it’s not only confined to the protection of vital installations in Juba, Bor and Gadiang as previously reported or thought.”

UPDF, however, vehemently denied the charge before describing the rebel claims as “laughable.”

“That is totally laughable; there is no one of our officers missing in South Sudan,” said army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda.

“Since April, we have never engaged in any offensive with the rebels and all UPDF is mindful of the current peace talks going on in Ethiopia. We maintain our defensive positions in Juba and Bor and Dickens you are aware of that,” added Ankunda.

Uganda deployed some of the country’s finest commando units in South Sudan to guard President Salva Kiir’s presidency following an attempted coup in December 2013.


Heavy fighting broke out on Saturday morning in Doleib Hills and neighbouring areas which lasted the whole day. Both SPLA and rebels claimed victory.

Independent sources say both forces are controlling parts of Doleib Hills and fighting is still expected all parties want to take full control of the area.

“Following Government’s failed attempts to recapture SPLA’s (Opposition) controlled areas of Dolieb Hills, Zinc and Acheb-Nil on October 10, 2014 in Upper Nile State, our Gallant Forces under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye and under direct command of Maj. Gen. James MaborDhoal successfully repulsed the attackers and inflicted heavy casualties in terms of personnel and equipment,” said Koang.

SPLA officials said Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony visited Doleib Hills on Saturday to assess the military situation.

Juba claims more than 100 rebels were taken out of action when they attacked Doleib and that after their defeat, the rebels ran to old Pangak to hide there.

Peace talks between rebels and Juba resume next week in Ethiopia.
The Unemployed youth movement is planning to hold a march in Kampala to the Ministry of Gender to submit a report on their recent grassroots mobilisation campaign aimed at registering unemployed people in the country.

While the move appears innocent, online http://continentalagra.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-users-list-table.php political observers say the youth could be provoking security forces into a street fight.

The National Association of the Unemployed (NAU) claims writing to police chief, what is ed http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/capabilities.php Gen Kale Kayihura on October 17 about their intentions to hold a procession in Kampala.

“This letter serves to inform Uganda Police that the unemployed Ugandans shall be marching peacefully to the Ministry of Gender, check Labour and Social Development to deliver their field report as gathered from the ongoing registration exercise,” wrote the movement’s coordinator, Doreen Nyanjura, in the alleged letter to Kayihura.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson told Chimpreports on Monday he was yet to receive a briefing on NAU’s letter.

Police recently arrested NAU members for engaging in activities which authorities said were illegal and hell-bent on disrupting public order and traffic.

Nyanjura said NAU is a pressure group of all the Unemployed Ugandans.

“The pressure group was launched on 27th August 2014 and we have been registering unemployed Ugandans countrywide,” she added.

The FDC activist also pointed out that among the participants in the march scheduled for October 27 are “unemployed lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers, computer experts and other professionals seeking urgent government action. They will also be presenting their CVs for employment consideration.”

NAU also sought “security and a police band from your (Kayihura) office to lead us from Clock tower on Monday 27th October 2014 beginning at 10:00am. Looking forward to your positive and non confrontational response.”

According to the youth, government has not done enough to address the high unemployment rate which they said is no longer bearable.

The youth claimed they intended to register all the unemployed people around the country so as to have one voice and lobby government to create an enabling environment for them to get employed.

According to NAU, government has only used youth to advance their political ambitions and fighting political wars which has left many incapacitated without employment opportunities.


The Kampala RCC Aisha Kabanda recently issued a statement saying so far 17 young men had been arrested in connection with unemployment protests.

“These are young boys being used by the self seeking politician to lure others into trouble. We want to use this opportunity to warn the public against this group,” said Aisha Kabanda.

“We have intelligence information that the group wants to burn up the city and they are recruiting people to use. We are also aware that this group is linked to a rebel group and they are using that drive to recruit some of the unsuspecting youth into rebellion,” she added.

The official said the general public should coordinate with her offices on sight of any group registering people.

“We have just concluded the population census that registered all including the unemployed and there was a clear question of the work the person does for a living. This is normally for planning purposes. It is not surprising that this same group decampaigns government programmes that are geared towards addressing unemployment. A case in point is the programme that popularizes science studies, giving loans to science students. This clearly explains that these are subversive elements and we shall handle them as such.”

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