UNEB Warns Government Schools Against Registering Students from Private Schools

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has warned schools against registering pupils and students from private schools

On October 15, the government okayed the reopening of schools and different institutions of higher learning for students who we finalising.

While addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Thursday this week, Dan Odongo, the Executive Secretary of UNEB noted that some government schools have on several occasions registered students from private schools due to its lower charges but this time it won’t happen,

“We wish to strongly warn against the fraudulent practice of some district education officials registering pupils from private Primary schools in government schools as UPE students. Whereas parents in such schools pay required examination fees, the money is not remitted to UNEB,” he said

“They take advantage of this but for this case since the government shall pay for government students and pupils, we shall impose disciplinary actions against them because we have whistle blowers across the country,” he added.

Odongo noted that the current registration fees for private students will; Shs34000 for Primary Leaving Education (PLE) Shs134000 for Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE)and Shs186000 for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

He warned schools against inflating registration fees while disguising that it is due to UNEB preparations.

“Any additional charges that the school would like to make for administrative purposes should clearly be explained to the parents and must not in any way be referred to us UNEB fees,” he said.


He said that the registration of students will commence today October 22 and go on for five weeks,

“The process is expected to run for five weeks, we would like to emphasize that there will be no room for late registration, and therefore urge schools to ensure that all the candidates register within the given period,” he said.

Odongo called upon schools withbUNEB centre numbers that might have failed o reopen due to failure to meet the COVID-19 SOPs to seek permission from UNEB to register their candidates in the near by compliant schools.

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