Understanding Online Casinos: Free Spins, Slots And Bonuses


Ever find yourself unable to resist the temptation of slot machines but a worldwide pandemic has shut down all your local casinos? Rather than viewing this situation as unfortunate, take this opportunity to explore other options in the world of gambling, especially UK licensed operators online. In fact, with the proliferation of technology and the internet in the past decade, online gaming sites and platforms have consequently become increasingly popular and prevalent, one of which is online slots. If this is your first time hearing about online slots, don’t be too suspicious or put-off by the concept. Have an open mind as we proceed to explain more about it.

Claim Your Free Spins

Typically when playing online slots, the pretense of investing money into each roll like with traditional slot machines stays the same. However, online slots slightly differ at the start in that many of them would probably offer free spin bonuses (like daily ones) as extra chances to players. 

The rationale behind this scheme is to entice new players to the site so that they consider signing up for one of the membership packages available. Within this “free spin” scheme, many online slot companies offer these packages in the forms of a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, free play credit, or simply free spins. 

Among these four varieties, no deposit bonuses have a track record of being the most popular with new players. As the name suggests, new players are given the opportunity to test out the online casino games with the potential of winning real bucks without any commitment whatsoever. Subsequently, they can use these earnings to bolster their bankroll.

More experienced players have also been known to take advantage of such “free spin” packages to even build a bankroll from scratch and earn a consistent profit through each reel. However, as far as any business or contractual dealings go, there’s bound to be a fine-print. Hence, depending on the company, measures can be put in place to prevent these capitalizations by incorporating conditions under these promotions.

Get your Free Spin Bonuses

Regardless, you’re probably on this site because you want to know how to claim your free spin bonuses anyway, right? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled three easy steps:

  1. Choose Your Preferred Bonus

If you’ve chosen to invest real money into online slots, it’s best to create an account with one of the top casino sites. Afterward, check the new player promotions it offers — whether it’s a deposit or no deposit bonus upon sign-up. Moreover, before finalizing your package choice, read through the Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure that you can meet the offer’s requirements. 

  1. Register an Account

Depending on your preferred playstyle, there are plenty of good, reputable online casinos out there. Regular bonuses? Interactive, huge lobbies? Engaging community? Whatever your preference is, once you’ve identified a casino that best suits you, go ahead and create your account to join their online community.

  1. Remember to Collect Your Free Spins Code


Notwithstanding the promotion package you opt for, chances are you’ll need to obtain a special free spins code in order to claim it. The free spin codes advertised on our website are up-to-date and are sometimes linked to wonderful, if not exclusive, promotional offers. Do note that while the codes are all linked to offers, not all of them are exclusive. Likewise, not all free spin bonuses require a special code. 

Variety of Free Spin Bonuses

Before we strip down to the specific categories of spin bonuses, they all have a shared objective: offering players extra cash to assist in striking real gold in online slots. With that being said, let’s go over the various types of spin bonuses you’ll encounter during your plays.

  1. Free Spins Deposit Bonus

As the most common type of promotion, deposit bonus free spins allocate players a decent number of free spins and playtime for a minimal deposit. Look out for promotions with reasonable terms and conditions along with fast withdrawals to ensure you can cash out when needed. On top of that, most deposit offers to pair their free spins with a match bonus. Thus, it’s not hard to see why this is the most frequently purchased deal.

  1. Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Next, we have the No Deposit free spins. While the Deposit free spins are the most common, the No Deposits are the most popular. This can be accrued to the fact that they don’t require players to invest any real money into the game to be entitled to the bonus. Therefore, it provides a no-commitment zone for new players interested in trying out the online casinos with minimal to no monetary requirements. As a result, players can withdraw their winnings freely without worry. One such casino offering this service would be NetEnt casinos.

  1. Deposit Bonus + Free Spins

Lastly, the third type of Deposit promotion offered by casinos is the Deposit bonus + free spins package. This entails the standard deposit bonus but with the added perk of free spins. An example of this promotion would be a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 with the complimentary spins being broken down in deposit increments in a one-to-one ratio should you not perform the full deposit at one go. Thus, if you deposit $20 at first, you’ll only be entitled to 20 free spins.  

  1. Free Spins + Prizes

Assuming that you’ve used up all your free spins and bonuses in your welcome package and still crave for more, you can opt to purchase the promotion bundles available for existing casino members. 

Depending on your casino site, some offer consistent presets of promotions whereas others might change it up frequently to keep things fresh and interesting. However, at its core, all these promotion packages are still the same — they offer players free spins depending on the package tier. Furthermore, some casinos are also known to conduct low-deposit weekly promos for players.  

If you’ve proven your loyalty to a particular casino site over some time, some casinos might distribute free spins to these players. You can increase your chances of qualifying by enrolling in the casino’s Loyalty or VIP program or simply exhibit your skills and rank highly in one of their tournaments. Lastly, some casinos also offer achievement perks for completing set challenges or a set number of games and win combinations, so do lookout for those.


At the end of the day, engaging in casinos is a personal experience and is unique to each player. While it might seem like most games of luck to newbies, seasoned players would tell you otherwise. Thus, if you’re keen to work your way up the skill ladder, getting as much practice (like free spins) at minimal costs will definitely help in the long run.

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