Under the Net Campaign: Bwaise VHTs Call for More Sensitization on Malaria Prevention

Village Health Team (VHTs) members in Bwaise II, Kawempe Division have emphasized the need for people to be sensitized more about the various malaria prevention measures and proper use of mosquito nets.

While distributing the Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets to Bwaise residents in the ongoing fifth wave of the ‘Under the Net’ campaign, the VHTs revealed that locals believe mosquito nets alone can eliminate malaria, “which is far from the fact.”

Saif Mukalazi, one of the VHTs in Bwaise, said that Malaria would be no more in the area if the stagnant water trenches “laying all over the place” were non-existent.

“Even though we have given out mosquito nets, the locals require sensitisation so that they know that draining stagnant water and clearing off bushes around their homes will reduce on mosquito breeding and subsequently lessen the occurrence of malaria outbreaks,” Mukalazi said.

He suggested that the available Ministry of Health’s information about Malaria prevention on the various media platforms should be run more continuously so that everyone gets to know more about the killer disease.

“Some people are likely to miss out on the information because they are busy working. If they could target an appropriate time, like for ladies who are so much interested in watching TV soaps, they could schedule the adverts for around that time,” he said.

Residents of Bwaise Lufula (II) Receiving their LLINs on Monday January 11, 2021.

Patricia Marunga, another VHT, noted that much as people are receiving the nets, there are challenges being faced in line with preconceived notions about their use while others want more nets than they registered for.

“People registered a different number of people in their houses and later come asking for more nets, yet we were instructed to give out 1 net for every two people,” she explained.


Samson Matovu, a VHT, said that people are reluctant to put on their face masks while picking the nets, which is a huge concern considering the current Covid-19 period.

“This is a threat and it is a challenge because you never know who’s suffering from covid-19 and who’s not. Everyone is in a way getting exposed to the virus,” Matovu said.


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