UNCC Set to celebrate 2nd Art and Culture Festival

The Uganda National Cultural Centre is set to celebrate the 2nd Art and Culture festival from November 1st to 3rd at the National theatre grounds.

This year’s celebrations will be under the theme Culture for Sustainable Tourism.

Robert Musiitwa, the Public Relations Officer at UNCC, said that this year’s event will bring together art and culture professionals and stakeholders while showcasing Uganda’s rich cultural diversity though cultural activities.

“This year we want to popularize Ugandan Culture locally and globally, this festival will aim at showcasing Ugandan rich cultural diversity though cultural activities like dances, costumes and many other things.

It will feature over seven cultural groups representing various regions in Uganda,” he said.

While addressing the media Musiitwa also noted that UNCC will also launch the Cultural Tourism Museum, which will consist authentic artifacts from all over Uganda as recommended and endorsed by the Cultural Institutions in different regions.

“To make the festival day colorful, organizers have been on ground doing national tours to select the best talented cultural groups, and over seven groups were selected to represent the different cultural diversity in Uganda.”

These will include Alur Kingdom Troup from Nebbi, Super Eagles from Agago District, Basoga Bakoberana from Kamuli, Batwa Cultural troupe, Tukole Namanyi Community Association Cultural troupe (TUNAC) and Mugahinga Cultural Troup among others.


The groups were carefully selected by the UNCC Management and artistes who included Suzan Kerunen, Dr Michael Muhumuza, George Okeng and Maureen Mutonyi who believe that ‘Cultural Tourism’ will bring positive results.

Musiitwa also noted that they chose to do the regional tours to establish UNCC’s presence in different regions, developing talents and promote local and regional tourism.

The highly anticipated festival will also host Cultural food exhibitions, prominent pop artistes, symposia, guests from Turkey and Ghana.

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