UNBS Invests $180,000 in Steel Construction Materials’ Testing Machine

The quality of construction materials made from steel is set to increase after Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) acquired the Universal Testing Machine (UTM) to test for their quality.

The UTM is used to check for the tensile strength of construction steel products such as steel bars, ambulance angle bars, and even iron sheets.

The machine checks whether the steel bars are strong enough to support a building and also strong and flexible enough when bent during construction.

The machine that cost the government USD180,000 is said to be a perfect match in dealing with substandard products because it takes a very short time to load and test a samples given its hydraulic system of operation.

Mr. Deus Mubangizi, the Manager Testing, while speaking at the installation site located at Standards House Bweyogerere in the outskirt of Kampala, revealed that the UTM machine tests for the tensile strength of the steel bars (strength of the bar when pulled apart) as well the strength used to show that the bar can bend without breaking.

According to Mubangizi, while the machine is primarily meant for testing steel products, it also has provision for testing other materials such as compressive strength of bricks and blocks.

“With this machine installed, UNBS is very optimistic that the steel sector will be properly regulated”

The installation of the UTM machine is a big boost to the operationalization of UNBS because previously the Bureau was using machines from other industries, which was a challenge for it to execute its mandate efficiently and effectively, given that these machines would only be available when the owners are not using them.


But now that the institution has got its own machine, it will work better in monitoring and enforcement of standards for steel products and other building materials.

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