UNATU Supports Closure of Schools

Teachers under the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) have Wednesday responded negatively to parliament’s efforts to block government’s closure of substandard schools.

UNATU today uncharacteristically sided with the ministry of education, adiposity saying that schools that operate in unacceptable conditions should not be allowed to open.

The teachers, information pills while addressing reporters in Kampala today, said that unless the MPs have their own hidden motives, they have no business in supporting substandard schools.

In any case parliament should be advocating for good quality education; observed UNATU General Secretary James Tweheyo.

The ministry of education has since the start of the term closed hundreds of private schools found with no operating licenses and the minimum basic requirements.

Members of Parliament however, this week strongly condemned the move, saying that it affects learners with less school alternatives.

Tweheyo on the other hand says UNATU strongly supports the closure of illegal schools, especially considering that government warned them in time.

He added that as teachers, they expected the legislators who are people’s representatives to demand for quality education for all children whether government aided or private schools.

“All schools should meet the minimum basic requirements such as having qualified teachers and basic sanitation facilities,” he said.

According to UNATU’s Secretary for Education, Gender and Health, Harriet Namayengo, some schools in Rakai district were found with unqualified teachers, congested classes, no toilets, while in some, girls were sharing dormitories with boys.

 “This move is for the good of everyone. We propose that the affected learners be enrolled in the nearest schools that meet the standards of a school,” she said.

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