UNATU Cautions Teachers Against Voting Mbabazi

Teachers all around the country have been cautioned against electing former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi to State House come next month.

The call was made by the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) General Secretary James Tweheyo during a press conference at Oxford Hotel in Mbarara.

Tweheyo asked teachers to recall that Mbabazi demonstrated while still holding the Office of the Prime Minister that he did not have the teachers of the country at heart.

“When we had challenges and disagreements with government on the issue of our salaries, dosage link the then Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi and Hon Jessica Alupo the Minister of Education invited RDCs to Colin Hotel in Mukono and gave them an official directive to chase us from schools, ” said Tweheyo.

“They said they were chasing away all the teachers; we promised Hon Alupo that we would instead chase her before she chased us. Indeed she was chased from her constituency. Hon Mbabazi said the country had enough teachers and asked the RDCs to take up the classrooms; I recall one Deputy RDC who must have been a P5 dropout went to a school and started gambling with English. Now the same person who was chasing us is looking for us to give him the vote. Is that manageable?”

Mr Tweheyo, stated that “every teacher, every parent and every child ought to know that that Mbabazi sacked us at the time”

“He is now asking us to put him in this position to sack us again? I believe if he assumes that office he would ask the teachers to go home before he even starts his work.”

Emphasizing how “dangerous” it is to play with the teachers emotions, Mr Tweheyo also pointed out other politicians have already been punished including Minister Henry Banyenzaki who arrested the UNATU chairman in Kabale and Hon Sezi Mbaguta who said that teachers should go ride bodabodas. Both Ministers lost in the October NRM Primaries


On the other hand, the UNATU said that President Museveni deserved another chance from teachers to fulfill his recent promises.

“The Baganda have a saying that ‘the person who owes you, you don’t pray for their quick death because if they die you lose.’ The President has promised us a 15% salary increment, it is now moving in the budget. He also promised us our Shs 5 billion fund which is already here. He owes us. He better stay around so that we can follow up on the promises.”

Mr Tweheyo however highlighted several other persistent challenges facing the teachers, especially the pensioners.

“Theirs is not a gift. They worked for this money and kept it with government, we’d like government to honor these people and ensure that their money comes in monthly because some of the theses are actually incapacitated at the moment.”

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