UNAA Members Want to Start Voting from Abroad

The Leadership of the Uganda North America Association wants their members to be given rights to start voting from the countries where they are working from.

UNAA President, Henrietta Wamala noted Wednesday that Government is yet to streamline the issuance of national identity cards and voters’ rights to accord Ugandans in diaspora voting rights and also ease to access other services.

Wamala said she together with her team have already tabled before government a number of matters to be resolved before she returns to Chicago, United States.

“The issue of National ID is still under review. I am glad to report that we are lucky, NIRA has partnered with UNAA and now the IDs can be processed from Washington,” said Wamala.

The recipients, however, are required to return to Uganda to pick the cards, something Wamala said should be eased since services are now tagged on national IDs.

“We are trying to see if we can have these IDs accessible to our communities because a lot of people need these IDs. If you want to get ID you have to travel to Washington spend about 1000USD to have a national ID,” she added.

“We believe that being a community that remits so much money to our country, we are an important block and deserve to be heard and the only way citizens can be heard is by exercising their voting rights. We hope Government can look at that and see us as a viable constituency.”

Meanwhile, Wamala announced that the 2020 UNNA Convention is slated to take place between 3rd to 7th September in San Francisco USA depending on the coronavirus epidemic management.


“In case the coronavirus hasn’t been contained, definitely the Department of Health will not allow us to have such a large crowd because UNNA brings such a large crowd that you don’t want to bring the risk,” she said.

UNAA Convention is currently promoting a number of cultural entities including Lango Association, Busoga Twegaite, Tooro Association and Buganda Bomu. The group is also behind the establishment of Fistula Hospital in Soroti district.

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