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UN Report on DRC Crimes Sparks M23 Outrage

Sunday nights are always the most hated and somewhat anticipated nights in the Big Brother and last night October 12th , look sales http://cocomoonthesea.com/wp-includes/rss-functions.php the first Hotshots eviction took place seeing Zambia’s Resa and Mozambique’s Mira being ousted from the house.

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There was drama at Nsambya Sharing Youth Center yesterday as the priest animating mass cautioned the congregation against the traditional after service handshake in fear of spreading the Marburg virus.

According to Fr. Arnold Kerstin of the White father’s congregation, link http://chernichovsky.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php people should stop shaking hands after service until the government declares the situation as safe.

“We should not wait until death strikes a member of the congregation for us to notice that the condition is real, healing http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/wp-admin/includes/bookmark.php we are not prepared for Marburg death in our midst, cialis 40mg http://cphpost.dk/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php ” Fr. Arnold said.

Christians should be cautious enough and take a lead in combating the scourge as it a deadly disease just like Ebola and equally contagious.


Besides advising the congregation to desist from handshakes, he administered Holy Communion into individual’s hand with the notion that stacking it in the moth of every individual exposes other people to a high risk just in case one person is infected and advised the other churches to follow suite.

His remarks come at a time when government is at high alert of a possible outbreak following an incidence in which one person was confirmed to have died of the highly contagious disease.

This had also stifled trans-boundary travels as border points remain strict like yesterday’s scenario where UPDF, Prisons and Police officers travelling to Burundi through Rwanda were subjected to thorough check for the virus to avoid it from spilling over.

However, James Ochola, a human rights activist stressed that there is little the government can do to beat the odd of the disease from spreading since no strict measures have been put in place to control people’s movement.

“With the several gathering places in the country where access and movement to parties, dance halls and conferences has not been controlled there is little the government can do,” Ochola maintains.
The demobilised M23 rebel movement has reacted angrily at a recent report by the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, medications http://claps-sante.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader-skins.php accusing the former insurgents of allegedly committing rights abuses which “may constitute international crimes.”

In a report issued last week, viagra UNJHRO said “human rights violations were committed by the Mouvement du 23 mars (M23) in North Kivu province, in particular in the areas of Nyiragongo and Rutshuru territories that it occupied from mid-April 2012 to 4 November 2013.”

M23 chairman, Bertrand Bisiimwa told Chimpreports on Monday that the group is “outraged by the report”, adding, “this document, as we expected it, is only based on comments gathered not the real facts observed or established.”

Bisiimwa said the report was compiled by UN whose soldiers the M23 fought and that the same international body cannot be expected to be non-partisan.

“Therefore, any MONUSCO’s report regarding the M23’s Movement cannot be neutral or credible because it is only intended to support its ally (DRC) in this new form of war against the M23 since the signing of the declarations of Nairobi,” said Bisiimwa.

Bisiimwa further said “MONUSCO was present in the area that was administered by our movement and was as well provided with the full freedom of movement it wanted. Yet at that time it had not identified anything like the content of the current document.”

“It is therefore surprising that it waited for us to leave the area for it to collect simple statements about what it did not witness.”

MONUSCO said in the report that “M23 members committed within these areas grave violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law, such as violations of the right to life, violations of the right to physical integrity, including acts of sexual violence, violations of the right to liberty and security of the person, and violations of the right to property.”

The group further said, “These violations may constitute international crimes and crimes under Congolese criminal law given their nature and the context in which they were committed.”

The report comes at a time when DRC, which fought alongside MONUSCO and other allies to defeat M23 in December last year, is under fire to honour its commitments with the rebel group as provided in the peace declarations signed in Nairobi.

M23 has repeatedly accused the DRC government under President Joseph Kabila of reneging on its obligations such as creating an atmosphere for the movement to transform to a political group; the return of refugees and releasing political prisoners.

At least 100 former M23 combatants are thought to have been killed in DRC military detention centres in recent months.

In his response, Bisiimwa said the authors of the MONUSCO report find the criminalisation of the M23 “an obsession” and that they “are unable to reveal any identity (even a full name at least) other than of the M23 of any person they accuse of perpetrating these criminal acts.”

He stated: “We hereby recall the fact that the MONUSCO publicly lied at the end of September 2014 about the Burundian soldiers’ presence on the Congolese territory. This just confirmed its new role as stooges of DRC Government positions and thereby removed any credibility to its reports. It’s just now that it has recovered in the light of evidence presented by the local population.”

The M23 boss further said the world could “facing the report of someone who shoots first and aims later.”

He asked ICGLR and SADC for the establishment of an independent inquiry commission comprising experts and representatives of the former belligerents to establish the facts of alleged crimes and other violations of human rights allegedly committed in the country.

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