South Sudan

UN Officials Abducted by Gunmen in South Sudan

The Inspector General of Police, discount Gen Kale Kayihura has ordered the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the CIID to take over and deepen investigations into the suspected hit-and-run murder of the successful Kampala businessman Eria Ssebunya Bugembe aka Kasiwukira.

Sources at the CIID said SIU boss Charles Kataratambi received instructions on Friday morning moments after Kasiwukira’s mysterious death to allocate ample resources to trace the driver of the car used to ran over Kasiwuukira as he jogged in Muyenga, online a leafy Kampala suburb.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the incident which has sent cold shivers down the spine of Kampala dwellers, occurred at around 6:20am on Friday.

“Kasiwukira was found dead a distance of about 300 meters from his home, alongside the road sloping from diplomat zone to Muyenga main road. This was moments after he had left his home at diplomat zone, Muyenga for a morning road run,” said Enanga.

He further elaborated that the police visited the scene and transported the body to Mulago city mortuary for post-mortem analysis.

“The nature of injuries that led to the death of the deceased were grave suggesting the probable involvement of a moving object like a speeding motor vehicle,” he added.

Enanga further revealed that police have set up a “joint investigative team from the homicide and traffic department to gather intelligence and information on the suspect(s) and or a motor vehicle involved.”

He also appealed to the public or any eye witness or persons with information to reach police on telephone numbers: 0715989998 or 0711778265.


Police are yet to hold suspects in the suspected murder.

Muyenga is largely a crime-free area due to the intensive community policing activities in the suburb.
The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has strongly condemned the recent abductions of the world body’s personnel at the airfield in Malakal and demanded the safe release of those still being detained.

While Malakal is under government control, cheap there has been intense rebel activities in the area.

It was also a scene of heavy fighting between SPLA and Dr Riek Machar’s rebels early this year.

Three contractors employed by the Mission (UNMISS) who were working at the airfield were seized on 10 October by an unidentified armed group of 15 to 20 men in uniformed and civilian clothes and driven away in a pick-up truck.

Two of the three were released the next day, while the third is still missing, the Mission stated in a news release on Friday night.

Then on 16 October, a staff member of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) was similarly seized by a group of armed men at the same airfield while he was in the process of boarding a UN flight. He is still missing.

“UNMISS strongly condemns these abductions and demands the safe release of the missing individuals,” the Mission stated.

It noted that there is still a lack of clarity on the identity of the abductors, and various authorities and commanders have assured UNMISS and WFP that they are making all efforts to track down the abductors and secure the release of the two abducted individuals.

The Mission emphasized the responsibility of the Government of South Sudan under the Status of Forces Agreement with the Organization, to protect UN personnel, “irrespective of the identity of the abductors.”

UNMISS and WFP are actively involved in efforts to secure the release of the abductees, and urged the authorities and commanders to redouble their efforts to locate and free them.

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