South Sudan

UN Destroys Arms in South Sudan IDP Camps

Makerere University has moved a step forward to immortalise the contribution of former Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki to the campus’ Department of Economics.

The higher institution of learning announced Tuesday that in November 2014, here the Chancellor, online Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera led a delegation to meet Kibaki in Kenya.

The objective of the meeting, viagra 40mg according to Makerere, was “to make a presentation to H.E. Mwai Kibaki about his alma mater’s proposed course of concerted effort towards resource mobilization in the implementation of the historic Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library.”

The library would house “Mwai Kibaki Endowed Chair in Economics” and “The East African Mwai Kibaki Center for Leadership, Public Finance and Policy.”

Makerere said the “the proposed Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library will immortalize the legacy of third President of Kenya” who is also “one of Makerere’s most illustrious and outstanding Alumni, 1951-55, and former Lecturer in Economics, 1958-1960.”

Kagonyera is expected to brief the media on this development at Makerere on Wednesday morning, according to a notice sent to Chimpreports today.

The University in 2011 gave Kibaki a law doctorate in recognition of his contribution to “public service at national, regional and international levels in areas of academic excellence, political and social economic reforms.”

President Kibaki graduated from Makerere in 1955 with a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, History and Political Science before joining the London School of Economics for a Bachelor of Science in Public Finance where he graduated with a distinction.
The United Nations Mission in South Sudan destroyed 25 firearms and hundreds of knives, buy machetes, stomach and similar weapons confiscated from internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in its protection-of-civilians sites in Juba at a public event held Tuesday in its Tomping compound.


In the presence of foreign diplomats and members of the news media, staff members of the United Nations Mine Action Service fed pistols, AK-47 assault rifles, iron bars and other arms into a weapons shearing machine that sliced the items into small, unusable pieces.

Over 1,500 rounds of ammunition recovered from IDPs will be detonated near the community of Nyolo south of Juba on Tuesday, according to officials.

The South Sudan government has previously expressed concerns over the amount of weapons hidden in IDPs camps. Juba this year said some of the rebels fighting SPLA forces had turned the camps into bases.

Similar weapons and ammunition destruction events will be held later this month at UNMISS bases in Malakal, Nassir, Wau, Bentiu and Bor.

“In order to reassure all concerned parties that the weapons and ammunition will never be used to commit any acts of violence including human rights violations, UNMISS has decided to destroy these items in full public view,” said the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for South Sudan, Ellen Margrethe Loej.

“These measures will maintain the civilian character of UNMISS protection sites.”

SRSG Loej noted that since the crisis in South Sudan began nearly a year ago, all civilians and ex-combatants seeking shelter at the Mission’s compounds have undergone thorough security checks and surrendered all weapons in their possession before being admitted into UNMISS protection sites.

All weapons have been carefully inventoried and securely stored from the time they came into the possession of the Mission. Periodic searches of the protection sites conducted by UNMISS police and military personnel have also been carried out in order to protect the civilian character of the sites.

“These arms and ammunition have been recovered from civilians and ex-combatants regardless of their political loyalties or ethnic backgrounds,” said the SRSG.

“We hope that the destruction of all confiscated and ammunition in the Mission’s custody will help foster an environment that is conducive to the silencing of the guns and the restoration of peace to the world’s youngest nation-state,” concluded SRSG Loej.

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