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UN Condemns Fresh South Sudan Hostilities

Hundreds of Primary Seven Candidates in Ntoroko district are likely to miss their Primary Leaving Examinations slated for Monday and Tuesday next week as the floods continue to ravage the areas.

Joseph Kule and Moses Byaruhanga, store information pills all P7 candidates at Bweramule primary say they are likely to miss exams because their school was submerged in water and are now stranded.

The district started experiencing the heavy floods on Saturday following heavy rains in the hilly areas of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Davis Dembe Beyeza, ed drug the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Ntoroko describes the situation as “serious”, thumb adding, floods are “abnormal and worst ever experienced in the district”.

Joseph Kule and Moses Byaruhanga, all P7 candidates at Bweramule primary say they are likely to miss exams because their school was submerged in water and are now stranded
Joseph Kule and Moses Byaruhanga, all P7 candidates at Bweramule primary say they are likely to miss exams because their school was submerged in water and are now stranded

“The district has for the past years been experiencing floods but this is very serious and the situation is worse,” he added.

The floods have cut off schools and government places from being accessed.

They have also displaced over 2,000 homesteads who are now camping at Rwebisengo Sub County headquarters, Budiba primary school and district headquarters at Kibuuku while others took refuge to neighbouring districts of Kabarole and Bundibugyo.

CAO names the seriously affected sub counties as Bweramule which is entirely submerged by floods, Kiranga parish in Rwebisengo sub-county,Budiba and Masaka parishes in Butungama and some area in Kanara sub county.

Kids stuck after their home was engulfed by floods on Thursday
Kids stuck after their home was engulfed by floods on Thursday

He says 10 schools have so far closed as a result of floods and that it remains unclear if Primary Seven candidates will do their PLE.

Beyeza, however, disclosed that as district they were planning to mobilise for emergency funds to transport candidates of affected schools and accommodate them at Kibuuku Primary near the district headquarters.

He says they were in touch with the Red Cross, Humanitarian NGOs and ministry of Disaster and Preparedness to come and rescue them from the disaster.

Edison Komunjara, the Local Council Three Chairperson Bweramule Sub County, says all the buildings are submerged in water, garden crops destroyed and domestic animals dead.

He said they are expecting an outbreak of water borne diseases since the victims have no safer water to drink.

The floods have raised fears of a possible outbreak of water-borne diseases in Ntoroko District (All photos: Steven Ainganiza)
The floods have raised fears of a possible outbreak of water-borne diseases in Ntoroko District (All photos: Steven Ainganiza)

Timothy Kyamanywa, the district chairman, said they have advised people to vacate their places of abode as floods continue to cause havoc.

He is appealing for support from the government and humanitarian organizations to have these victims settled.

In April and August last year similar floods happened in Ntoroko district after the River Semuliki burst its banks, destroying people’s property including animals and houses.

District officals visited the flood-hit areas to assure victims of government's unreserved support
District officals visited the flood-hit areas to assure victims of government’s unreserved support
Burkina Faso army on Thursday night issued emergency measures that included disbanding the government and Parliament in a bid to restore stability after a wave of violent riots swept through the capital Ouagadougou, approved Chimp Corps report.

A new transitional government which will lead the nation for “not more than 12 months” was put in place, ed in what appears a coup against President Blaise Compaore.

Army chief Gen Honore Traore who addressed a press conference on the new emergency steps taken by the military, pilule did not reveal who would lead the interim administration.

Enraged by Blaise’s attempts to extend his 27-year-rule by manipulating the country’s constitution, protesters stormed the streets before torching the Parliament buildings and the ruling party’s headquarters.

The national television and radio station were seized by protesters who also engaged security forces in street battles.

At least five people reportedly died in the skirmishes with the army poured on the streets to save Blaise’s regime from collapsing.

A curfew has been put in place.

“A return to the constitutional order is expected in no more than 12 months,” Gen Honore was quoted as saying.

Blaise called for calm before announcing his plans to relinquish power at the end of the transitional government, BBC reported.

He earlier issued a statement, declaring the emergency and saying that the head of the armed forces was in charge of implementing the decision.

Meanwhile, greatly concerned by the deteriorating security situation in Burkina Faso, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for an end to the violence and announced that he is dispatching his special envoy for West Africa to the crisis-gripped country.

According to a statement issued by his spokesperson in New York, the Secretary-General is following with great concern the deteriorating security situation in Burkina Faso.

Ban was shocked by media reports suggesting that thousands of protesters faced off with security forces outside the presidential palace amid deadly violence that included ransacking Government buildings and the state television headquarters.

The country’s airport has reportedly been closed.

“He calls on all parties to end the use of violence, exercise calm and restraint, and use dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues,” said the statement.

“The Secretary-General is saddened over the loss of life resulting from recent events,” the statement continued, adding that Mr. Ban has requested his Special Representative for West Africa, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, to visit Burkina Faso on Friday and he welcomes that Mr. Chambas’ mission will be undertaken jointly with the African Union and the Economic Commission for West African States (ECOWAS).
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged an immediate end of all hostilities in South Sudan amid a renewed outbreak of violence in two towns in the country’s North, ed the United Nations confirmed Thursday night.

In a statement attributable to UN his spokesperson, pilule Mr. Ban strongly condemned the flare-up in hostilities between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and Opposition forces in the towns of Bentiu and Rubkona, check located in Unity State.

The fighting saw both sides suffer heavy casualties.

South Sudan has experienced several bouts of violence over the past few months, including an incident in which the UN base in Bentiu came under fire resulting in the wounding of one child.

Meanwhile, a prior attack caused hundreds of people to seek shelter at the nearest airport. Approximately 340 civilians took shelter with UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) troops, and then were escorted to safety.

Political in-fighting between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy, Riek Machar, started in mid-December 2013 and subsequently turned into a full-fledged conflict that has sent nearly 100,000 civilians fleeing to UNMISS bases around the country.

The crisis has uprooted some 1.5 million people and placed more than 7 million at risk of hunger and disease.

“This resumption of hostilities is yet again a serious violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and undermines the ongoing IGAD [Intergovernmental Authority on Development] efforts to find a political solution to the conflict in South Sudan,” Mr. Ban continued, referring to ongoing regional efforts to bring peace to the young nation.

In addition, the Secretary-General reminded all parties of the inviolability of all UN premises, including UNMISS Protection of Civilian sites, where the Mission is currently protecting some 100,000 displaced civilians – including 49,000 of them in Bentiu alone.

“The Secretary-General also urges both parties to participate constructively in the ongoing political negotiations in Addis Ababa and reach urgently an agreement on inclusive and comprehensive transitional arrangements,” the statement added.

SPLA spokesperson, Col Phillip Aguer maintains Bentiu remains in the hands of government forces, adding, “the rebels who waged an attack on our positions were thoroughly defeated.”

He added: “Over 7000 rebels mobilised by Machar were repulsed. They suffered heavy casualties.”

But rebel spokesperson, Brig Lul Koang, who earlier claimed that rebels had seized Bentiu, said “one T-72 was captured along with two Urol trucks each mounted with ZU 23 and 27 heavy machines and commander’s official car containing documents and laptops.”


Koang alleged that “over 500 different weaponry were also captured.”

IGAD Special Envoys for South Sudan have since strongly condemned the action of SPLM/A (In Opposition) forces to initiate conflict in the area of Bentiu.

“This unfortunate development comes despite the significant progress in the peace talks: in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, where the parties took major steps forward in resolving their outstanding differences,” said IGAD.

The regional body noted that the ongoing fighting in and around Bentiu, Unity State “demonstrates that the SPLM/A (In Opposition) has yet to abandon the option of war. The already dire humanitarian situation throughout South Sudan is further imperiled by this violence, and risks millions of lives and the international effort to address the humanitarian catastrophe induced by this war. “

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