South Sudan

UN Chief Orders for Offensive Weapons to face Kiir, Machar Forces

The United Nation’s Secretary General, capsule Ban K-moon has ordered for the immediate arming of the world body’s peace keepers in South Sudan with offensive weapons.

Mr. Ban on Monday made the order in a statement released on Tuesday by his Spokesman.

The statement categorically mentioned attack helicopters and other unspecified weaponry, page which he said are needed urgently.

“We desperately need attack helicopters and other materials to fulfill our mandate to protect the civilians,” part of the unprecedented statement read.

It is not commonplace that the world body opts for the offensive, as most of its work is in efense and protection.

The order was made just a day after two Chinese UN peace keepers were killed in a Sunday attack when a mortar shell struck the armored vehicle they were using to patrol the UN base. Four other peace keepers were seriously injured in the same incident.

Ban also asked the UN Security Council which is one of the 6 principal organs of the world body charged with the responsibility of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions, and the authorization of military action through resolutions to promptly prioritize three areas.

“Impose an immediate arms embargo on South Sudan, enact additional targeted sanctions on leaders and commanders blocking the implementation of the (peace) agreement and fortify the UN Mission in South Sudan.”


The UN Chief appealed to the countries contributing their troops to the fragile nation to maintain the spirit.

“I also urge all countries contributing to the UNMISS to stand their ground.”

Fighting resumed in South Sudan on Thursday between the forces under President Salva Kiir and that of his vice Dr. Riek Machar.

The clashes drastically aggravated on Friday evening at the presidential palace when the bodyguards of the two principals started shooting each other. The gun skirmishes that claimed 272 lives happened when both Kiir and Machar were in a meeting to resolve the Thursday incident.

On Sunday it became a full blown war between the two factions of the army that spread to the UN compound and the international airport. Dozens of civilians lost their lives from heavy ground weaponry explosives that overwhelmed the UN site.

Airlines suspended operations in Juba even before the airport was closed.

Kiir and Machar separately declared ceasefire on Monday evening and consequently ordered their troops to leave the streets.





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