Umeme To Give out Free LED Bulbs

Gagamel boss, cheap Bebe Cool who is known to have an opinion about everything recently took to Facebook to call out to KCCA Executive Director, prescription Jennifer Musisi to put back the bulbs and lights on most roads in Kampala in a bid to reduce the number of atrocities occurring there.

In the wake of the many murders and robberies taking place on Kampala road stretches, drug Bebe Cool stresses that it is because there are no lights and the places are deserted since all the kiosks were removed hence no activity.

The ‘Love You Every day’ singer also advised Musisi to find a way of checking on her employees in the different departments since implementing projects is always easier than maintaining them.

“Jennifer Musisi should find a way to check on her employees in different departments. Implementing projects is always easier than maintaining them. The kiosks were swept away along the roads hence no activity in major stretches and junctions along main roads and the lights along those roads don’t have bulbs hence the city has gone dark again. An example is the Lugogo bypass and it’s along these stretches that people get stubbed and killed,” Bebe Cool wrote.

Whereas most of the comments on the post are in agreement with what he said, the others reminded him that Kampala was worse than how it is today and that he should at least give credit to Musisi for what she has done.
Following the increasing demand of electricity in the country, sale Electricity Regulatory Authority, buy the organ responsible for regulating electricity business in Uganda yesterday unveiled a new plan to give out free low power LED bulbs to all electricity consumers in the country in order to reduce power consumption.

The Light Emitting Diodes (LED) consuming between the range of ten to thirty watts are intended to replace the ordinary one hundred watts bulbs which consume a lot more energy during the project expected to start in January 2015 when 420,000 bulbs are to be distributed to consumers.

While unveiling the project at ERA headquarters in Kampala, the CEO of ERA, Benon Mutambi assured the public that the project which was financed by development partners will curb the amount of energy consumed in the country and this will be of benefit to both the consumers and the country at large.

“The Authority has allocated US $ 4.1 million towards this initiative. The contract was given to UMEME to procure and distribute the bulbs and we at ERA shall be evaluating how they have performed in the programme,” Mutumbi said.


Mutumbi added that all bulbs that are going to be distributed throughout the programme shall be labeled by the government to prevent crooks from selling them.

The Director for Technical Regulation in the Authority, Mrs Ziria Tibalwa called upon Ugandans to be ready to embrace the wave of change whereby everyone who wishes to have the LED lights will just hand over their current incandescent bulbs in exchange for the new led bulbs at no extra cost.

“These new bulbs are energy efficient in that a 100 watts bulb consumes one Kilowatt of electricity if used for ten hours and yet an 8 Watts LED bulb will consume the same amount in 30 hours with a brighter light emission” added Ziria.

She further added that the initiative will go a long way in addressing the electricity supply–Demand gap in the short to medium term.

“This new initiative combined with YAKA prepaid electricity supply will also enable consumers to get value for their money,” she said.

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