Ultimatums Won’t Work- Mulindwa on Fufa Drum

There has been exchange of words at least from the start of this week between Vipers Sports Club and the local football governing body, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) over the new inter province tournament (FUFA DRUM).

With Vipers SC showing concerns about the regulations of the tournament and the strategy through a letter written by the club CEO, Peter Lwanga on 19th February to FUFA, the team sought for more clarifications about the new competition.

A day later, Fufa replied Vipers indicating that all players that have been summoned must take part or else they face sanctions.

The Kitende based side have however stood their ground indicting they will not allow their players to take part in the tournament because of various reasons.

Dr.Lawrence Mulindwa, the club patron in a press briefing held at St. Mary’s Stadium, Kitende on Friday indicated that as a club, they are not against the initiative but feel using players that are contracted to clubs without a well set system is wrong.

“There have been rumours with people saying we are fighting the Drum tournament which is wrong.

Vipers SC has been a bedrock of talent, promoting football and thus we can’t be against such an initiative,” he started.

“Our concern is however on the way things have been handled and we did our level best to write to them through our CEO but we were surprised by the reply of threats and ultimatums,” Mulindwa asserted.


Fufa stated that if a player summoned for the Drum tournament doesn’t show up without clear reasons, his club will be docked points and the player(s) will be suspended.

Mulindwa however noted that he believes the Drum tournament would have been an establishment of identifying new talent rather than use those already playing in the top tier league.

“There is no debate, the initiative is good and I will personally watch some games but we all thought the best way would be to leave it to those players that have not gotten the chance,” he said.

“We were surprised by their reply on 20th February. Laws were made overnight.That could not reflect sporting justice. It is the mother body that governs football, we respect them but there should be limits in the way things are done,” emphasized the Vipers SC boss.

The Fufa Drum kicks off this Saturday with an opening game between Busoga and Bugisu provinces at Kyabazinga stadium in Bugembe, Jinja.

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