Uhuru Kenyatta is the coolest president in the World-Comic Eric Omondi

Kenya’s celebrated comedian Eric Omondi has Wednesday praised Kenya’s President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta for being the most humble and jolly person.


While gracing Comic Salvador’s ‘Just Comedy’ show launch at Kingdom Kampala, Omondi showered praises on Uhuru, saying he is one of the coolest human beings the World has ever had.


“Uhuru is the most loving, coolest and adorable person I have ever known in this World,” said Omondi.


Upon stepping the stage,Omondi joked about how ladies scream and shout when a man mistakenly misses his way to their wash rooms.



“Tonight as I came in here, I felt like helping myself and I mistakenly entered in the Women’s wash rooms. Ladies were screaming really hard but when a woman enters the Men’s washrooms, we welcome them.”


The comic who was celebrating his 11 and half years in the comedy industry shared his story of how he started doing comedy at the age of 5.


He bragged of being the only Kenyan comedian to have performed before all the Kenyan Presidents including Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki among others.


Omondi later on joked about Raila Odinga having been the only Kenyan who has never been arrested.

Omondi cracking jokes on how East African Presidents pose while talking photos

“Every Kenyan has been arrested apart from Raila because of his secret; he speaks what people don’t hear, so no one can dare arrest him because they will lack concrete evidence to convict him.”


“I have been in comedy for years now but I never knew I would find someone thinner than me, bro thank you, you have given me hope, I now have a reason to live,” he continued after spotting out one of the Journalists in attendance whom he said is way thinner than him.


He then sent the audience to retro heaven, when he joked about how Ugandan musicians perform on stage as all they do is keep jumping all over the stage and to the audience.

The comic showcasing how Ugandan Artists perform while on stage

He compared it to the way Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz performed when he was in Uganda for the Comedy store show.


The comedy lovers who enjoyed every moment right from the start when Uganda’s sensational comics Salvado, Omukebete, Smart Ayokyayokya and Agnes Akite among others, equally cracked the revelers’ ribs.

Omukebete cracking jokes that sent revelers in laughter

Salvado the brains behind the show, started by thanking fans for turning up in huge numbers.


“Thank you for coming, you are all seven star customers; we want to treat you with a 7 star experience, that’s why this show is going to be here.

Comic Salvado is the brains behind the Just Comedy show

First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank God for 2019 because I have witnessed so many things, its one the reasons I took long to start the show, I got married,” he said.

Comedian Ronnie McVex

“Banange,I am still happy, I don’t know what the future holds, but right now I am happy, so don’t bring for me those problems that marriage is hard, marriage is like this and that. “


There were also performances from Levixone, Kenneth Mugabi, saxophonist Happy Kyazze, comedians 2mbili, Uncle Mark, Ronnie Mcvex and Napoleone Emma.

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