UHRC Commissioner Pleads for Katuramu’s Pardon

President Yoweri Museveni met and held discussions with the King Oyo’s Global Business Unit officials led by Mr. Jag  Amooti  Alie, doctor   a member of the  royal family who called on him at  State  House   Entebbe, last evening.

The President and his guests discussed issues centring on development in the country. He told them that Uganda has so many untapped investment opportunities saying the country is rich in natural resources.

“In Uganda, there is so much underdevelopment. If you pick agro–processing, you will make money,” he said.

Mr. Museveni told his guests who included the Managing Director of the Chinese Railway Group Ltd, Mr. Cai Zemin, Mrs. Lucy of Golden Nest International, The Vice-President of Yue Da Group, dealers in Mining development and oil trading, Mr. Xiao Guang Liu and Angie Genade who is Chief Wildlife Preservation official as well as Jaco Uys, a Bio-Diversity Manager, among others.

In attendance was Bank of Uganda Governor Mr. Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile.

The President informed his guests that the emphasis of the Government of Uganda revolves around electricity, railways and road construction.

“We need electricity very much not for operating discos but for purposes of manufacturing goods in industries,” he said.

The meeting appears to have been intended to link Kingdom officials with prominent investors along the western belt.


Tooro has in recent months accused government of neglect and marginalisation. The kingdom also wants its properties seized by the central government in 1966 returned to them.

King Oyo has since set up a business unit to tap business opportunities for the transformation of his monarchy.

Regarding the issue of illegal poaching of wild animals as raised by some of the guests, President Museveni assured them of the Government determination and commitment to supporting all efforts for the preservation and protection of the wild game species in the country.
President Yoweri Museveni has strongly urged leaders at all levels in Gomba district in particular and Uganda in general to empower people in their areas through sensitization on how to combat household poverty.

He also appealed to leaders not to leave wananchi become spectators of the few households that have heeded the advice of adopting modern commercial farming.

“Leaders must show people the way of wealth creation. It is not just like a football match where you have spectators cheering their teams. We don’t want spectators in wealth creation; all homesteads must get involved, healing ” he stressed.

The President was Sunday afternoon addressing Christians at St. John’s Cathedral, more about Kasaka in Kyegonza Sub-County, remedy Gomba district in the Central Region of Uganda. The Sunday prayers were led by the Bishop of Central Buganda Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Jackson Matovu.

Mr. Museveni urged the people of Gomba district, whom he praised for improving their lives from the pathetic conditions they were in a few years ago, to a better one currently, to emulate people like a young farmer in Kamengo who has a poultry farm and sells 150 trays of eggs daily fetching him Shs. 43 million annually.

The President also encouraged them to implement the 4 acre modern agricultural plan and have at the back-yard of their households, poultry for eggs, piggery for non-Muslims, dairy cattle as well as fish ponds for those living near swamps. He called on them to support the new wealth creation operation of the distribution by the Army of planting and breeding materials.

“If you do that, Uganda will change,” he observed.

He further pledged to empower the people of the area with skills like the weaving of cloth.

The Minister of State for Urban Development, who is also the Woman area MP, Hon. Rose Mary Najjemba, thanked President Museveni for all government development programmes in her area.

The Bishop of Central Buganda Church of Uganda Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Jackson Matovu commended President Museveni for his support to the Diocese.

Later, President Museveni donated Shs.20 million for the rehabilitation of St. John’s Cathedral Kasaka.
Belgium has withheld 40 million Euros in development aid that had been earmarked for Rwanda, prostate Chimp Corps report.

This comes just a few days after President Paul Kagame urged the nation to “brace for tough times ahead” and also work harder to wean the country off foreign aid.

In a statement on Sunday night, Belgium’s Federal Development Aid Minister Alexander De Croo accused Rwanda of falling short in improving “press freedom conditions” and general “good governance.”

The Belgium Embassy in Rwanda said in 2011, an indicative cooperation agreement (ICP) was negotiated between Belgium and Rwanda, providing for a disbursement of 160 million EUR over a period of four years.

“Today, 57 percent of that agreement has been implemented.  This was welcomed on 17 December during a successful Country Portfolio Performance Review meeting between Belgium and Rwanda,” the statement seen on Monday, reads in part.

It adds that the 2011 cooperation agreement also mentioned that following a mid-term review a budget increase of a maximum of 40 M EUR could be decided, based on three criteria: Satisfactory proceedings of the article 8 dialogue [between the European Union and Rwanda] in 2011 and 2012; Progress with respect to the third component of the CPAF, namely Enhanced Gains through Good Governance, as assessed by the Joint Budget Support Review and confirmed by a 75 percent performance of related indicators.

The third was progress with respect to Media Development as assessed by the Joint Governance Assessment and confirmed by a score of 2.5 in the IREX- Media Sustainability Index and Professional Journalism Index.

“If these indicators are not available at the time of the Mid-Term Review comparable indictors (in terms of content, international acceptance and annual assessment) will be used,” said Belgium.

“After an assessment of those criteria, the Belgian side has found that that extra budget could not be disbursed , since some criteria are no longer relevant and other criteria have not entirely been met. It does not mean that no progress has been made, but instead that the threshold that has been decided upon in 2011 has not been attained. This has been communicated during the last weeks between both countries in a spirit of constructive dialogue.”

Rwanda comes second to DRC in receiving aid from the western country.

Belgium intended to give Rwanda an extra 40 million Euros for the country’s development projects this year which was blocked in November, according to Alexander.

Thompson Ayodele, an expert on development aid, says helping Africa is a noble cause, but the campaign has become a theater of the absurd – the blind leading the clueless.

“The record of Western aid to Africa is one of abysmal failure. More than $500 billion in foreign aid – the equivalent of four Marshall Aid Plans – was pumped into Africa between 1960 and 1997. Instead of increasing development, aid has created dependence,” he observes.

The budgets of some Africa countries are more than 50 percent aid dependent.

Former Senegal President Aboulaye Wade once said, “I’ve never seen a country develop itself through aid or credit. Countries that have developed — in Europe, America, Japan, Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea and Singapore — have all believed in free markets. There is no mystery there. Africa took the wrong road after independence.”

The more aid poured into Africa, experts say, the lower its standard of living.

Addressing the Rwanda National Dialogue in Kigali last week, Kagame said, “Many of our accomplishments seemed impossible to achieve,” but quickly added that, “Today, Rwanda’s economy is 7.8 percent larger than 1 year ago.”

The rebound is a surprise given that Rwanda struggled to claw back to its fast economic growth rate due to foreign aid cuts and instability in Eastern Congo.

“We have only just begun to address challenges we must solve to make Rwanda a self-reliant and middle-income country,” he advised.

“It is now time to set our sights even higher. The state of our nation is strong but to maintain the pace of progress we cannot afford to get complacent. We must work harder to protect the value of each individual life and livelihood,” he said.

According to the statement, Belgium continues to value the partnership with the Government of Rwanda and commends Rwanda for the impressive results in its social-economic development, the reduction of poverty and the improving living conditions of population.

“The Belgian government believes that the cooperation between Belgium and Rwanda to contribute to the development of Rwanda has been extremely successful and has benefited the people of Rwanda.  To ensure the continuity of the ICP and show commitment to the long-term partnership, Belgium decided this month to allocate 18 million € extra in budget support for the Rwandan health sector.”
The Commissioner for Uganda Human Rights Commission, salve Col. Steven Basaliza has backed the Batooro who are advocating for the pardoning of former Tooro kingdom premier, viagra John Sanyu Katuramu now in jail at Luzira prison.

Citing Article 121of the Constitution of Uganda that entails the prerogative of mercy, treat Col. Basaliza, who was a former MP for Burahya County explained that the President using has a right to pardon Katuramu. The former Tooro Premier is on death row following a judgement that convicted him of murder.

He said, “The president can use his powers and mercy to release Katuramu. Sometimes the President has advisory committees that feed him with information about inmates which information he can use to pardon inmates whether they have served or are still serving their sentences.”

Presiding as Chief Guest at Voice of Tooro’s 18 years of service anniversary held at Garden’s Restaurant on Saturday, Col. Basaliza noted that Katuramu was development oriented and also commended him for establishing the first upcountry radio station that has fostered development and unity.

“I commended Katuramu for establishing the first up country Fm radio in Western Uganda. He was developmental and if he had not been imprisoned, Tooro would be far in terms of development. VOT has mobilized people towards development. When I hear 300 SACCO groups of Emamba Esazire Zinduka Okole mobilized by VOT, I really appreciate,” he added.



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