UGANET Urges On Discriminating People Living With HIV/AIDS

UGANET [Justice for Health HIV and Gender] has Friday urged Ugandans to stop stigmatizing and discriminating people living with HIV/AIDs at work places.

Dora Musinguzi, the Executive Director UGANET said people living with HIV/AIDs have for long suffered with the highest rates of stigma and discrimination at work places and no one speaks for them.

“Despite an enabling legal frame work in law and policy, the practice indicates glaring gaps in the level of protecting people living with HIV/AIDs in the workplace, especially capital heavy investment projects in the construction sector and in the export of labor abroad”.

While addressing journalists in Kampala Musinguzi said HIV related discrimination seems apparent, but some are indirect, others institutionalized in a way that it would go unaddressed.

A report  by UGANET shows that China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) was the most notorious with the highest cases of  HIV discrimination, with six out of the 8 investigated cases. The two were from Synohdro company in Karuma.

Victims also reported ST Mary’s Clinic Entebbe, Khalif Medical center Kabati, Victoria Medical clinic, Doctors Clinic Seguku and Kiryandongo Hospital that were forcing them to take an HIV test.

“We want to seek justice on behalf of the victims identified so that the legal process will obtain practice directives that will empower all authorities to take relevant actions to end HIV related discrimination in the work places,” said Musinguzi.

The 1995 Constitution of Uganda, Article 21 provides for equality and freedom from decimation,  while Article 40 provides for enjoyment of all economic / employment rights for every Ugandan.

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