Uganda’s Top Celebrities Battle In ‘10 Years Photo Challenge’

January is one stagnant month in a year; some people have even done the “maths” and concluded it has more than 40 days! Meanwhile, as we are crossing each day that passes by on the calendar, a social media trend emerges and takes everyone by storm, ‘the #10yearschallenge.’

A number of people; celebrities and non celebrities alike, have since taken to various social media platforms to give a spill of tea, hilarious collages from 10 years back and 2019.

We bring you a few of the pictures that got us under the spell bound. You might have seen but might want to revisit them after sometime, so don’t you worry about Instagram accounts being erased, we got you covered.

Our number one collage is of singer Bagonza Alexander aka A pass. We all know how jokey A pass is but this challenge got him telling the world how shy he was then in that, even when he met a lady that he liked, he would only converse about how blazing the sun was.

Next is the beautiful Juliana Kanyomozi, the lady whose voice mesmerizes many when she sings. This throw back reminds us of the killer tunes like Diana, Omutima Oguluma and many more.

Juliana Kanyomozi

If you have been a Record TV viewer then you must have something at the back of your mind about the then famous program ‘Katogo’ and the host Mr Douglas Lwanga who now hosts ‘After5 and Katch Up’ at NBS with other co-hosts. We love the throwback, Sir.

A collage of Uganda’s Finest TV Presenter right from 2010 to 2019

Here comes the gorgeous Queen Karma, Swag Mama, the energetic Sheebah Karungi glowing and growing stronger from karaoke to a girl group then to an award winning star in the music industry. We admit, she deserves the crown.

A collage of Sheebah from 2009 to 2019

Zari the boss lady intended to get us in an aww moment with this collage, I guess the “boss lady” traits come from far back.

Zari Hassan The Boss Lady


There is this sweet voice that echoes in my ears and in many others’ early morning when you tune in to Capital FM to get your day started, Lucky Mbabazi wasn’t left out on the challenge and she gave us the taste of a younger ‘Lucky’ version.

Lucky Mbabazi

Patrick Idringi alias Salvado, ‘the man from Ombokolo’ as he loves to introduce himself, gave us a piece of the laughter even when we didn’t have to pay a coin. His caption ‘Poverty doesn’t even allow you to smile for pictures’ was a full dose already.

Comic Patrick Salvado

Zahara Totto, the Uncut co-host and former Livewire presenter also followed suit to remind us of the little girl in the Chilli girls performing group some good years ago.

Zahara Totto

Are you one of the many Ugandans that are hooked up to Pearl Magic TV and the Jechili program? The fabulous radio and TV presenter Judithiana took us 10 years back with the infectious challenge, take a look.


Finally, our very own Mr. Muhame Giles, the smart journalist behind had no problem being part of the challenge and we must say the then camera did him justice.

Judging from his looks then,he might have been in the same situation with Apass
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