Uganda’s Position on Gays is Unchanged – Lokodo

Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo has reiterated the country’s stance against homosexuality and its promotion in the country, approved and stressed his ministry’s commitment to continue fighting the practice.

Minister Lokodo told press today at the Uganda Media Center that under no circumstances will Uganda condone promotion of LGBT practices and lifestyle.

Lokodo’s press address came in the wake of a police raid on a gay party at Club Venom in Kabalagala, malady during their annual celebration of the Gay Pride Week.

About a dozen people, majorly the event organizers were briefly detained by police, who claimed that the Mr and Mrs Pride Pageant was not authorized by police and was therefore unlawful.

The raid was sternly criticized internationally; with the United States government through its Kampala Embassy warning that this was an addition to Uganda police’s continuous undermining of the rights of Ugandans.

Minister Lokodo however, stressed today that Uganda will continue to suppress any public activity that is intended to promote gays.

Anybody planning to organize any such event, Lokodo said, must stand warned.

The Minister emphasized that the Kabalagala meeting like police said was criminal according to Ugandan laws.


“The gay parade was and remains criminal and illegal. First off, they were not cleared by police to hold a gathering,” he said. “Police learnt that the organizers were planning to hold different festivals across the country.”

“Uganda has to protect  her children and youths against the sequel activists that are misleading.”

Lokodo however, denied that he threatened to organize mob justice against the gay community, as went some claims on social media.

He nonetheless called on public to refrain from engaging in any LGBT event.


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