Uganda’s Oldest Brewery (UBL) Marks 70 Years of Quality Brands, Transforming Lives

Uganda’s oldest brewery, buy Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) is set to mark 70 years this July since its establishment. It is in fact among the few oldest companies in Uganda having been registered in 1946 shortly after the second World War.

At its start in 1946, mind UBL had a capacity of producing 650,000 hectoliters which have since increased to more than 1.2 million hectolitres currently. To achieve this, the company has undertaken a number of investments in infrastructure, innovation and brand versatiity.

Today, Uganda Breweries’ product portfolio includes beers, spirits, soft beverages and ready drinks. Beers include; Bell Lager, Guiness, Tusker, Senator, Pilsner and Ngule while spirits include Uganda Waragi, Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, Bond 7 and other single malt whiskeys. The non alcoholic beverages are VandA sherry, Bailets and Alvaro.

Speaking at a media conference at the UBL plant in Portbell Luzira on Monday, the Outgoing Managing Director Nyimpinii Mabunda said the company has remains a strong contender that has shaped Uganda’s alcohol industry. He pointed out that UBL has played a significant role in transforming the society and improving people’s livelihoods.

“Uganda Breweries currently employs 22,000 people (directly and indirectly) along its value chain and was named the second best employer of choice by Federation of Uganda Employers.”

He added that UBL invests over Ugsh 20Bn into farmers which has guaranteed over 17,000 farmers a market for their grains and materials used for brewing alcohol. Of these about 3,000 are barley farmers who earn net income of Ugsh 9,000 daily and 1,000 sorghum farmers who earn a net income of approximately Ugsh 5,000 daily.

In 2016, UBL was named the 4th tax payer in Uganda paying over Ugshs 110Bn in taxes annually. According to Nyimpini, UBL commands a market share of 43 percent for its beer products.

Uganda Breweries is a subsidiary of East Africa Breweries (EABL) in which British multinational alcoholic beverages company Diaego is a majority stakeholder.


On what the company seeks to achieve in future, the new Managing Director Mark Ocitti Ongom said; “We will continue to contribute immensely to the Ugandan economy through payment of taxes, job creation, best practices and state of the art facilities.”

Both Ocitti and his predecessor were critical of the illicit trade of alcohol which they say poses a threat on the health of consumers. They want government to weigh in and formulate a law that will regulate the huge informal distillers.

“Of the alcohol on Uganda’s market, 68percent is informal including traditional brews. The producers of this alcohol don’t mind about consumption age or other standards like we do,” said Nyimpini.

Besides multiplying its profits over the years, UBL has also undertaken several community focused initiatives as part of corporate social responsibility. It has provided safe water to over 2 million Ugandans including Jinja, Mbarara, Entebbe referral hospitals. The distillery has also restored about 1,900 hectares of forest cover to the Navugulu Forest Reserve.

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