Uganda’s New Betting King Breaks Record, Wins Shs632M

A new Uganda’s betting king emerged over the weekend after winning 632 million shillings, a record never broken before.

Certainly, the next question is-how possible was this, given the fact that Fortebet’s maximum win is 500M. Well, the answer is very clear; this king placed two tickets and both of them won.

The first ticket won Shs 498,173,506M while the second one won Shs134,055,000M. As if this winner was very sure of the win, as he placed both bets on the same matches.

Another key fact about his two tickets is that; one does not have to go for high odd to win big. He only selected home wins with relatively low odds, the highest being just 1.46.

His win now pushes down Uganda’s top five wins; 500,000,000/=, 424,889,280/=, 408,980,448/=, 308,491,744/= and 296,206,624/=, that had for long stood in positions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

Most interestingly, all these top six winners won with Fortebet.
The winner received his money on Monday at Fortebet head office in Kololo.

In an exclusive interview with the winner (names withheld as requested by winner for his security reasons), he said that it is not the first time he is winning.

“I have been betting for the last four years and in the four years, I have won big monies twice; Shs296M,122M and now this third time,” said the winner.


Asked about his trick of winning, he revealed that it takes consistency, research on games and carefully selecting them.

“I am consistent with betting. Secondly, I do a lot of research on games before selecting them and thirdly I always try to bet big.”

He also revealed that he is going to invest his money in buying land, construction and setting up a mega hardware business.

“I thank Fortebet for giving me an opportunity to bet with it. One of the reasons I like Fortebet is the fact that when you win, the money is paid immediately, unlike many other betting companies,” he added.

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