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Uganda’s Long Range Artillery Surprises ADF

Ugandan armed forces’ use of long-range artillery surprised rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), military officials told ChimpReports on Sunday morning.

Army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire on Friday told us UPDF had not only used “heavy but also long range artillery” to strike ADF camps in Eringeti, Beni, North Kivu Province in DRC.

This followed the amassing of UPDF troops, specialized infantry units and tanks along the border with DRC.

“ADF knew about the impending attack about three months ago,” said a source.

“They prepared themselves to repulse our forces and laid ambushes. The long-range artillery smashed their camps with high precision,” said the source, adding, “We caught them unaware.”

UPDF is currently making impact assessments of Friday’s deadly bombardments of ADF territory.

By Sunday morning, reports were filtering in; indicating that Ugandan troops had crossed into DRC.

We couldn’t immediately confirm this claim.


Uganda accuses ADF, whose leader Jamil Mukulu is jailed at Luzira prison on charges of murder, kidnap and terrorism; of building alliances with foreign jihadists.

ADF, which attacked western Uganda in 1990s, is also blamed for recruitment and radicalization of children and recent attack on peacekeepers that left 15 Tanzanian soldiers dead.

Brig Karemire says the operation against ADF is jointly run by Ugandan and DRC military officials.

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