Uganda’s Leadership Crisis Worries Police Spokesperson

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima has expressed worry about the deterioration of leadership in Uganda, to the point that politics has degenerated into a “game of money.”

The police mouthpiece expressed concern, that this leadership crisis is likely to exacerbate crime in the country.

As the country prepares to hold elections at the village and parish level sometime this year, Kayima said he was worried the people were likely to end up electing what he called the “wrong elements” into office.

“We are going to have elections and I am very afraid that the wrong characters are going to stand and win and cause commotion,” Kayima said while appearing on NTV this morning.

“If we do not take this serious, if we don’t listen to the voices, we are going to elect people that will cause crime.”

Reminiscing the olden days when village LC chairpersons were strong, responsible and kept information about all the residents, Kayima said all the local leaders care about today is money.

“There was a time in the 1990s when President Yoweri Museveni was out of the of the country for two weeks, and when reporters asked him at Entebbe Airport who would be in charge of the country while he was away, he said the LC 1 Chairperson would be in charge,” he said.

Kayima noted however, that the leadership at the lower level today “is very shaky,” and that chairpersons do not know about the people in their villages; yet they will sign on any letter of any person, as long as there is money.


“It’s our failure as a country,” he said. “I shout this every day and people warn me that I work for government…but I have to say this.”

“Many people think that politics is not a good thing to go into. And when we see what political actors do, sometimes we confirm this; that politics is game of money.

“Those who come and stand out and stand for their principles have been accused and branded to bring them down by their own political organizations or the people for whom they work.”

The Police spokesperson was speaking on the role of community policing and how it can harnessed to fight crime.

Yesterday, while speaking at the Budget presentation at the Kampala Serena Hotel, President Yoweri Museveni noted that criminals have taken advantage of the lack of vigilance in communities.

The President noted that the people who killed Arua Municipality MP Hon Ibrahim Abiriga last week and former police spokesmen Andrew Felix Kaweesi early last year, arrived early in the area and waited for their victims; and that people saw them but no one was curious enough to alert authorities.

Museveni urged Ugandans to be more vigilant, and to use their phones and social media to alert the police when they notice suspicious people in their area.

If the police don’t respond first, Museveni said, locals should call their leaders including MPs.



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