Ugandans Urged to Advocate for Rights of Special Needs Children

Shantel Lamona, the Executive Director Fenna Tujjune, an NGO founded by orphans, has urged Ugandans to advocate for the rights of children with disability in order to break the stigma the constantly face from society.

She added that through advocating for the children’s rights people in the communities will learn how to deal with them and also know the challenges they go through.

“Children with special needs are children with hopes and dreams like others. Advocating for their rights will create a better environment for them where they feel accepted, and eventually break the stigma” Lamona said.

While speaking at Kiwatule Recreational Centre where the NGO held a special party for the children with disabilities, Lamono added that advocating for their rights will help them live full lives and not hold back.

Currently in Uganda about 13 percent or 2.5 million children live with some form of disability. Of these 9 percent are school-going.

According to research by United Nations Children’s Fund more than 80 children with disabilities drop out of schools due to stigma.

“Ugandans need to know that they can be useful; citizens in the future and also contribute to the countries development” Lamono concluded

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