Ugandans Troll Michael Ross Online Over Being Thrown Off Stage

Ugandans on social media especially twitter will take advantage of anything just for the fun of it.

Despite your status in society, these ones will not spare you until the whole world knows exactly what happened to you.

The recent victim is singer Michael Kakoza alias Michael Ross who was over the weekend thrown off stage during the Ginuwine concert at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

According to Michael, Ginuwine’s Pony song was his favorite and wanted to record the American singer performing it live.

Michael Ross with Ginuwine

“Ginuwine was performing his last song Pony which happens to be my favorite. So I made my way from the back of the VIP to the front with my phone in my hands to take a video clip of the moment but I was pushed by the bouncer who claimed I was too close to the stage,” Michael Ross stated in his apology.

This didn’t stop Ugandans from making fun of him as other advised him to record a comeback song dubbed ‘Thrown off stage’.

Below are some of the most hilarious tweets:

Cayenne Lounge also joined in on the fun

 Another of Michael Ross’ trolls
Moses Rudende making fun of Michael Ross

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