Ugandans Tell Off Bantariza: We’ll Not Be Intimidated

Members of the public have divergent views about the recent tough statements made by the Deputy Government Spokesperson Col Shaban Bantariza.

Bantariza said they cannot hand over power to a pressure group known as People Power which is led by the Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine.

This came after Bobi Wine expressed interest to run for President in the next election in 2021.

We reached out to members of the public to seek their opinion on the matter. Some rejected to talk to us saying that the matter is political and sensitive and our interview does not guarantee their safety and security, others had no idea about the matter, while others welcomed us and submitted their thoughts.

Mathias Lugobe, a bodaboda rider at Farmer’s House says, Bantariza’s statement is just intimations.

“All that is intimidation. Even when Museveni came, Obote said I cannot sit with that little boy on the same table and share ideas. So if Museveni managed to overthrow Obote, then it means Bobi Wine also can as long as we put trust in him. And you see, Bobi Wine is a people’s person. He is loved by the people. Leadership comes from God.”

“Museveni did not fulfill what he promised. That is why even most of the people he fought and came with have defected,” Lugobe noted.

However, Peter Lwazi, also a boda boda rider staged at Farmer’s House in Central Kampala said everything Bantariza talked about could come true given the fact that Uganda still lags behind in terms of democracy.


“We must understand that it is very difficult because we have not reached the standards of the whites. So it is very difficult for someone to just come from nowhere and say I am going to stand for President,” he said.

He however believes that Bobi Wine would become President but added that he has not given respect to incumbent leaders who are his seniors.

“First of all when you look at his movements, he goes to various countries and doesn’t talk about the good things the government has done, but rather focus on only negative things; that also makes Ugandans to doubt his leadership skills,” he said.





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