Ugandans in Diaspora Support Amendment of Age Limit

A section of Ugandans living in Diaspora particularly those in the United States Of America under their  ‘Organization for Action’ (OFA) have said there is need to amend the article 102 and 183 of the Ugandan constitution because it is unfair, discriminative and undemocratic.

In a press release received by ChimpReports, these Ugandans argue that  the age of one to stand in elective politics should be proportionate to that of a person who is granted access to a ballot or voting rights.

“Article 102 and article 183 of the constitution says that a person shall not be qualified to be elected as president unless; Not less than 35 years and not more than 75 years of age. All these articles are unjust and should be quickly amended by parliament under the guidance of article 259 of the same constitution,” the statement reads.

It further states that in a democratic nation where there are elections, the idea of limiting the age to which a person can or cannot stand for office should be a non issue because if a leader is perceived as unfit to rule, then he or she can easily be elected out of office.

“The idea behind democracy is that you let the voters decide. Democracy means if someone is too old for you, don’t vote them. It’s wise not to have maximum age limit in counties where people have ultimate power in democracy and it is them who decide about who can or cannot serve the nation. Politics should be about efficiency and effectiveness not forgetting the power lies within the people,” Statement further states.

The document also maintains that “the constitution of Uganda is where all citizens share equal rights. We should therefore not use the same constitution to deprive certain groups off their rights or suffocate them in one way or the other.’’

OFA members state that considering that majority of Ugandans are young people under the age 35 years, article 102 of the constitution of Uganda which does not allow them to stand for Presidency or Local Council Five is unjust and unfair to them.

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