Ugandans Called to Plan for 2021

Following a tumultuous 2020, Ugandans have been advised to make better spiritual preparation for the new year 2021

Aron Ahabwe, the Lay Leader of St Apollo Kivebulaya Maganjo Parish while preaching on Sunday said writing down prayer requests is one of the ways of planning.

He noted that once people include God in their plans this year and have faith, they will excel.

“The steps of man are established by the Lord. Every step you make is watched by Him. In every journey, go knowing that God can establish your steps in getting everything,” he said.

“Before you start to make your plans for this year, you should call on God because he establishes each and every step. He knows where you’re going and where you’re coming from.”

Meanwhile, Robert Sebuufu, the chairman of the service said planning is essential for development to occur.

“If you fail to plan, it means you are planning to fail. It is very key to plan what you want and write it down your plans. Even if they are 2 or 3 put them down and if you can, you can have them somewhere, where you can see them at least twice a day so that as you wake up, you have something driving you, ‘that this is what I want to achieve’ in 2021.”

He also encouraged youth to spend their money wisely and develop a saving culture.


“Whichever amount you get without saving, you will never develop. If you’re below 35 years use you time effectively and you won’t regret. You are not going to earn that money for life,” he said.

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