Ugandans Asked to Embrace Heritage as Railway Museum Exhibition Kicks Off

The European Union Delegation to Uganda Ambassador H.E Attilio Pacifici has called upon Ugandans to embrace their culture and heritage so as to understand more about the history of the country.

Officiating at the grand opening of the Railway Museum Exhibition at Uganda Museum in Kampala, Pacifici applauded all stake holders in this event who accepted to work with the European Union in compiling and preserving the Railway history in Uganda.

“We don’t do much but it’s you who do the work. This is something which will help us to strengthen our relationship,” he said.

Samuel Kizalwa, the Assistant Commissioner for Museum and Monuments in Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities revealed that the introduction of the Railway section will help many especially scholars to get first hand information about the Uganda Railway.

“Among the permanent exhibitions, we didn’t have a section on the East African and Uganda Railway which is so important to Primary school learners since its part of the topics taught in their curriculum,” Kizalwa said.

He also pointed out that they have given everybody a chance to visit the Museum during this period of the exhibition at no charge starting from 8th to 17th December 2020.

One the posters in the Railway museum section at the exhibition.

John De Coninick, Program Advisor from Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU), the major organizers of this exhibition, revealed that they developed interest in this area after realizing that this country lacks a well equipped Museum for Railway transport which was a reliable means of transport in the early days.

“The Railway contributed to the shaping of the country’s economy but unfortunately, many of the young people have not got a chance to use it or see it physically during its operation,” he said.


He noted that they are going to establish a Railway Museum at Jinja Railway station because its strategically located, being a tourism city and it has enough space.

“We have collected enough material which used to be used in the operations of the train back in the day and we have interviewed many people about its operations,” Coninick said.


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