Ugandans Advised to Store Food as Rains Kick In

Government through the Office of the Prime Minster has warned all people in the country to be prepared for the rainy season in order to avoid loss of lives and property

In an official communication issued Monday by Martin Owor, the Commissioner for Disaster Preparedness and Management at the OPM, it was revealed that the first season of rains has begun and it will be characterized by heavy and abnormal rain in all the sub regions of the country.

“In the coming days massive floods and landslides are expected in the sub regions of Rwenzori, Elgon and Kigezi. Most parts of the country will experience strong winds and lightening.”  reads part of the statement.

“Store enough food and firewood which can last 3 months”

Those living near River banks and on steep slopes have been advised to shift to other safer places during this season so as to avoid the repercussions.

“People should clear drainage channels near their homes and work places. People should reinforce their walls and roofs were necessary.”

Travellers have also been urged not to allow being driven in flooded areas even if they may appear to lower than a car rim or below the knee.

For those staying with children and elderly people have been asked to take extra care for them in the coming three months.

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