Ugandan Youths Head for UN Climate Change Conference

The Ugandan Youth Delegate is expected to be part of the Government delegation headed to Marrakech, pill http://csrf.net/wp-includes/session.php Morocco for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from 7th – 8th November 2016 (COP22).

The delegation of six led by Edwin Muhumuza are from the Youth Go Green Uganda, http://conceive.ca/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/lib/json.php a youth organization actively involved in calling for climate action in Uganda mainly through planting trees.

When contacted on phone, Mr. Muhumuza who is also the founder and CEO of the organization said their participation is going to play a big role in the conference.

“Being part of the Ugandan delegation, we will put our skills to work at COP22 through powerful storytelling, working to amplify unheard narratives of climate justice through social media, direct action and policy advocacy,” he said.

Muhumuza stressed that the conference is part of their core agenda to be champions in advocating for climate change both in Uganda and the world.

“We the youth of Uganda through our umbrella organization Youth Go Green Uganda gathered at Kampala Serena Hotel on the 11th July, 2016 during our First Annual National Youth Forum on Climate Change and resolved to be at the forefront of the national and international development agendas especially for the Sustainable Development Goal thirteen (SDG 13) that feeds directly into UNFCCC processes that lead to COPs.”

Youth Go Green Uganda has been advocating for the inclusion of young people in climate change plans and negotiations both nationally and internationally.

Ugandan youth participation at COP22 is also expected to support the implementation of the 2009 decision by UNFCCC to extend constituency status that admitted youth organizations allowing then to receive official information, participate in meetings, request for speaking slots and receive logistical support at UNFCCC conferences.


Uganda according to Muhumza is part of the world that has been profoundly and irreversibly impacted by climate change.

“As young people, we intimately understand the urgent need for action on climate change.”

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