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Ugandan Worker’s Body Stuck in Belgium Mortuary

The body of a Ugandan is stuck in a Belgium mortuary with the company he was working for being accused of refusing to contribute funds for its repatriation.

Farouk Lubega, about it who was employed by Katoen Natie, an international logistics service provider and port operator, died from his work place on August 1.

Katoen Natie is a global supplier of logistics, distribution services and tailor-made solutions to chemical and automotive industries, consumer goods, electronics and retail sectors.

Lubega’s friends told ChimpReports on Monday he was well at a birthday party on July 30 in Brussels.

He spent the better part of the night dancing away with friends before proceeding to his home in a nearby city of Antwerp and reported to work on Monday at 6:00am in good health.

“During his break at around 10:30am, Lubega communicated to friends in the Diaspora and did not report any sickness but rather was making vacation plans,” recounts a family friend who spoke to us on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely.

The deceased’s workmates say Lubega was hit by a monitor on his workstation before slipping into a sudden cardiac situation resulting to death.

Despite wearing a safety helmet as required by Safety Regulations in Belgium, the impact may have shocked him.


Workmates told Lubega’s friends the company realised late he was unconscious.

He was pronounced dead at his workplace by emergency services.

“The body was transported to the mortuary where it is kept pending burial arrangements,” a friend told this website today Monday.

“Friends and family solicited funds to ensure a decent burial for the fallen Ugandan as they pushed for answers from the company which are not forthcoming,” the source added.

Lubega’s friends say Katoen Natie has reportedly distanced itself from any arrangements regarding burial or repatriation of the body despite Lubega working with the said company for over two years and dying on duty.

“Not even a company supervisor was sent to the family to help on arrangements for the past four weeks the body has been in the mortuary,” a family member alleged.

“Under normal situations the company is expected to at least send a condolence message to the family and also contribute towards burial arrangements of the deceased but this never happened.”

We were unable to speak to Katoen Natie for comment on Monday morning.

Lubega left behind two kids of 13 and 8 years.

Having lost both his parents, the future of Lubega’s kids hangs in balance now that their only bread winner is gone at the age of 31.

His body will be laid to rest on September 8, 2016 in Uganda if all goes well.

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