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Ugandan Woman Commits Suicide in Thailand

Thailand Police are investigating circumstances under which a 22-year-old Ugandan woman jumped to her death from the 16th floor of a building in Bangkok on Monday morning.

It is understood the unidentified woman received a distressing call before committing suicide.

Bangkok media house, link Khaosodenglis, illness reports that Police were questioning a Briton who was in company of the deceased just minutes before the  shocking incident.

The development underlines the challenges faced by Ugandans especially women seeking opportunities in Asian countries.

Several Ugandan women have been raped and killed in Asian countries especially Thailand and Malaysia.

The 22-year-old Ugandan woman’s body was found alongside a khlong outside the Suksawat Modern Condo View in the Rat Burana district at about 4:00am.

Her smashed mobile phone was found inside a pocket.

Lt. Col. Pradit Plaiduan, viagra order who was called to the scene, said that a friend of the woman, 30-year-old Briton Ashley Danniels, swam into the canal and held the body, crying.


Danniels is an English teacher at Panyasak School, and was renting the room she jumped from.

According to a security guard at the building, Danniels often goes out partying late at night, bringing back black women and transexuals to his room.

“She wasn’t his girlfriend,” Pradit said. “But they met at a party. He was crying and hugging her really sadly.”

Last night, said the guard, Danniels came back to the condo with the woman about 2am. At 4am, Danniels came running to the security guard, saying that she had jumped.

Police said they found no sign of a struggle in the room.

According to Danniels’ testimony, they were in his room when she received a distressing phone call. Danniels could not tell what she was arguing about, since she spoke in a language he did not understand. Then, to Danniels’ shock, she jumped out the window.

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