Ugandan Teachers Urged to Embrace eLearning

As the World advances in Technology, pill Ugandan teachers have been urged to develop a positive attitude and passion for new innovations and technologies of Live Interactive eLearning programs.

German Professor, viagra Gaby Gien aired the advice while officiating the première of the Live interactive Classrooms application at the permanent learning center in Kampala on Monday evening.

The assistant commissioner for Education in Ministry of Education and Sports, thumb Tonny Mukasa called upon teachers to develop a high degree of innovativeness and creativity in their teaching in order to enrich their students with knowledge.

“ELearning is a very good innovation which all teachers have to embrace because in this new era such technologies are inevitable,” Mukasa.

Prof. Gien cited that one of the challenges faced with the program is to provide the teachers with computers and other resources, “Without internet connectivity, teachers and children are deprived the use of educational content online bridging this digital divide is the key,” added Gien.

Live interactive class room application is a new innovation by SES Broadband eEducation network which enables students in a well-connected classroom to have interactive discussions with other class members from a distant area by the help of internet broad band service.

It enables the two groups engage in discussion online via a clear audio and video interface.

Once the program is adopted in Uganda, it will enable school to save resources since a teacher can teach two classes at ago.

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