Ugandan Serving on South African City Council Resigns Over Sex With Mayor

A Ugandan woman who has been serving for three years on a city council in the South African Capital Pretoria has been compelled to step down after it emerged that she had sex with the city’s mayor in her office.

Susan Senkubuge, who in 2016 was elected councilor for the opposition Democratic Alliance party in the Tshwane Metro Municipality in Pretoria, tendered in her resignation on Friday this week, following the surfacing of an audio sex tape with the city’s mayor Stevens Mokgalapa.

She’d been serving as the municipality’s Roads and Transport MMC (Member of the Mayoral Committee)

In her four-page resignation letter, Senkubuge said: “In light of recent events, and despite many successes, it has become clear that that attempts to vilify me are taking focus away from the purpose of my role in the office”.

Senkubuge added that all she had done was “at the behest of the people”.

“Therefore, as much as it is with regret that I tender my resignation with immediate effect, I do so in order to not betray the spirit, the struggle and the sacrifice that our forebears made and the charge they gave us, which is to always put our people first, as articulated in the Batho Pele principles.”

“I believe focus should always be on one thing and that is improving the quality of life of our people of Tshwane. I remain forever humbled and honoured to have been given the opportunity to serve.”

Senkubuge with Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa.

The mayor, Mokgalapa on the other hand was sent on a forced leave until January.


He, however, disputes the alleged sex tape as having been tampered with to purport that a sexual act was taking place.

The mayor has since opened criminal case of illegal surveillance, distortion of content, blackmail and extortion and defamation with the police.


Senkubuge’s resignation also came amid piling pressure after it was reported that at the time she took office in 2016, she had not yet become a South African citizen.

According to media reports, Senkubuge was elected as a proportional councilor even though she was still legally a Ugandan citizen.

The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa was tasked by local leaders to explain how Senkubuge was voted into the Tshwane council before she met South African citizenship requirements.
But it was later established late Sunday that she indeed was already a citizen of South Africa before the elections.

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